From: "Craig Maus" –
Date: March 31, 2010
To: "Christopher, Gia" –
Subject: Re: A most comprehensive critique ! (Video)

Hello Gia (bcc list herein),
You have to ask yourself why (‘not the same’), and then the pieces of the puzzle will begin to make sense.
The Nanny State of today doesn’t even remotely consider or relate to what our parents, grandparents and great grandparents did.  They have built themselves an Empire on Entitlement and in the process have vilified everything & everyone who ever contributed to this country’s greatness.  Anything associated with the past is NOT in their best interests because the past represents ‘association’ & purpose- neither of which they want any part of.  They who have taken everything, have contributed nothing.
That is what we have been trying to tell people.
The ideology that made this country what it WAS is NOT the same ideology that exists in Washington today.
However, when one examines past History, they will learn that Obama’s Transformation today, is but the end product of its former- Reconstruction after 1865.  The conditions today are every bit the same as those that existed prior to 1860.
However, AFTER 1865, that which were the reasons that led to that War in 1861, remained & took on an even uglier disposition.  The Federal expanded its roots of empowerment to include Socialization, and when the 14th Amendment was passed (ENTITLEMENT) under the cover of darkness much like this HealthCare bill, and in conjunction with their nefarious taxation policies, the Beast became multi-dimensional.  5- dumbed down generations later and no one is the wiser. 
The greater the distance the Feds can put between themselves and ‘that time’,  the less informed everyone has become.
The American public doesn’t have 1/2 a clue as to what has happened but try and attempt to do that to the1 or 2 generations immediately after that War ,and they would have NOT been able to get away with it.
Time = Assimilation.
That’s how the Great Empire’s ruled throughout time.  The culture of the nation they conquered was eventually assimilated into theirs and the vanquished became ignorant of who they ever were.
You just need to realize that the application of that methodology hasn’t changed…..but in order to understand that salient point, it has to be Taught…..and that salient point of connection is NO longer taught.
All anyone needs to do is ‘Connect the Dots’ as I often suggest.  The ‘Picture’ that will appear before you is shocking, compelling and will probably be un-nerving for most…it was for me, for when you come to realize that all you were taught is basically one big lie…..its bound to knock your socks off at first–  its only natural.
It’s a helluva thing- AWARENESS….. but equally, that is what the Human Spirit is all about- Awareness coupled with Common Sense as was God’s intention.
When that is taken from you, as was God from this country, the net result will be confusion coupled with mass waste and ignorance….conditions that only serve the Beast.
Welcome to ‘our War’.

We Suggest You Watch the Video.
Thank you Sister for Forwarding.