My compliments to your work, and your insight.


Editor Demastus:

I too was stunned by the article about Republican candidate Ron Paul.

Before I go further, I am a supporter of Sarah Palin, and not Ron Paul.  However, and this is the important part, your insight and ground breaking step of seeing the connection between the values of the Confederacy and the modern challenges we face is of great import to our future, both as a nation, and as the South.

Too many people see the South in some hazy, mirage of perfection that cannot be emulated.  Many within the S.C.V., who each meeting recite the Charge, have little real commitment to the word "vindicate."  Our heroic
ancestors, through Lt. General Stephen D. Lee, called on us to validate what they fought for!  Validation is more than honor!  We honor our ancestors when we go to the cemetery to conduct a graveside ceremony.  These are righteous things to do, but they do not vindicate anything.  Those ceremonies provide due honor and respect to individuals.

But, LTG Lee and all of the men who wore gray, and all the women, children, and elderly of the Confederacy need to be vindicated!  This means action, this means standing up and fighting in the ongoing cultural war.  To those men and women who want only to wear period clothing, and attend balls, parades, and ceremonies, God Bless you.  But these events don’t preserve the South. They don’t bring Southern values to governance today.  They do not vindicate the sacrifice of an entire South.

I would submit that a detailed review of the Confederate Constitution, (which is available as one the Docs on Confederate War College Facebook page) would demonstrate that the real Cause fought for 1861 -1865 was
about much of what is destroying America today.  First among these would be the South’s call on God in the Preamble of the Confederate Constitution.

Lastly, we do not study history to pass time.  We study to learn from the past for TODAY!


God Bless the South,

Mark K. Vogl