Compatriots of the South Carolina Division,
I am Ben Bunting, Commander of the H.L. Hunley Camp #143, but more importantly I have been appointed SC Div /Sesquicentennial Education Subcommittee Chairman. It’s a long title, but what it means is I have been charged with forming a committee to formulate the creation of a curriculum that we as SCV members would desire our children and the public to be educated on during the sesquicentennial of the Cause for Southern Independence in South Carolina. I would like all interested in serving on this committee or any ideas of members to contact me with your desire to serve. This is our opportunity to live the charge profoundly by getting the true history of the south to where it needs to be. After I have found the members of this committee I will set a meeting date and place. This will be one of the most important issues of preparation for the sesquicentennial so please don’t delay in responding.
Commanders, please forward this message to your camps.
God Bless the South,
Ben Bunting Commander
H.L. Hunley Camp 143
S.C. Division Sesquicentennial Education Subcommittee Chairman
Phone# 843-200-7561