NAACP compares Texas Confederate license plates to ‘a Nazi swastika’

Devonia Smith
Dallas Political Buzz Examiner
October 28, 2011

Dallas can name a street Confederate Avenue, but so far, Dallasites have never been able to drive down that local city street in a car with a Confederate license plate.  As of today, October 28,  according to WFAA, if  Governor Rick Perry, who is now running for the GOP nomination for President, has anything to do with it – Dallas  never will.  Perry says he is against it because, "it would reopen old wounds."

Hillary Shelton, director of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People’s Washington Bureau, commends Perry for his stance and describes any request for a Confederate flag license plate to be the same as  "flying the battle flag in Southern states" adding that "it’s the equivalent of flying a Nazi swastika in a Jewish community."
Rick Perry has, for years, supported the  non profit group, Sons of Confederate Veterans, but  now that the group is requesting Confederate plates, which would show the group’s logo, a derivative of  the Confederate battle flag, it appears that Perry is in opposition to one of their strongest desires — Confederate license plates.

Granvel Block, the Texas Division commander of the Sons of Confederate Veterans, has promised that his  organization will sue if  the requested  license plate is denied, claiming that  the plate is a symbol of Southern heritage and only considered a racist target by groups such as  the NAACP.

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