Communist power in America starting in 1848 and 1849
Excellent article of King’s published by Demastus– "10 Causes of the War."  To move a step beyond King’s "ten,"  as serious students of American history, we all should take into consideration what a growing number of Southerners now believe to be the real trigger on Mr. Lincoln’s gun.
We need to  take the time to read the Kennedy and Benson book Red Republicans and Lincoln’s Marxists: Marxism in the Civil War  which presents the absolute single-kick off- cause of the War of Northern Invasion/War for Southern Liberty.   Perhaps Kennedy and Benson don’t just come right out and say so, but it is quite obvious to any careful reader.-and, most especially, to any student of world and national Communism–that the European Revolution was brought to the United States and initiated the Republicans’ attack on the South as a step toward the achievement of the Communists goals of World Denomination. Undeniable proof of the power of  the Communists in America in the 1800’s is most evident, if one merely takes the time to investigate. Unfortunately, for whatever reason, these enemies of the South and of the U.S. Constitution were never identified in a meaningful way as Communists until Kennedy and Benson dared do so.
Here’s a hyperlink for a most interesting admission  by a great admirer of the 1848 Communists (mostly Germans) that the war was just "a continuation of the Revolution of 1848 in Europe."  The European War was, of course, a Socialist Revolution. Hochbruck, the author of hyperlinked ( also, attached) article considers these Communists highly admirable and highly slandered by pro-Confederate historians, as if the  politically correct literature is full of the work of such.
The placement of a very large number of Marxists in high places in Lincoln’s army and the appointment of Communism’s best friend and major propagandist,  CHARLES ANDERSON DANA as Assistant Secretary of War– is proof of the strong presence of Communism in the Republican Party–and in fact, in its creation. Secretary of War Stanton, influenced by his Assistant Secretary, hired  a large staff of writers whose jobs were to crank out hundreds of pages of anti-South propaganda of the vilest nature. Northerners, in the middle of the war–when they became sick of it and were ready to quit– were bombarded with Marxist hate propaganda.  This propaganda, including gruesome cartoons, inspired the renewed hatred of Southerners by Yankees and enabled the continuation of their invasions and genocide.  It also inspired congressional approved torture of imprisoned Confederate boys as young as 12 years of age.   Numerous planks straight from the Manifesto became entrenched in the U.S. government, as the U.S. Constitution was completely ignored.   General Sherman, evidently, adopted some of these planks, as shown in his march to the sea,  his redistribution of Rebel lands, and his looking the other way (with a wink) while women and children were brutalized and killed.
Charles Anderson Dana, an American Socialist from childhood, was a good buddy of KARL MARX AND FREDERIC ENGELS. In fact, as Editor of the great New York Tribune, Dana hired Marx as a foreign correspondent, giving Marx an increased opportunity to spread his venom in America as well as throughout Europe. Dana, likely, was instrumental in the publication of Marx and Engels Communist Manifesto in America. He, certainly was a big man in the creation of the Republican Party–and was responsible for the election of three Radical Republican Presidents (including Lincoln).  He even managed to keep Grant from being booted out of the Union army for drunkenness..
There can be absolutely no doubt that Marxists in America coupled with a few New England abolitionists and, under their banner,  started the Republican Party.  Naturally the Republican historians refuse to tell this truth.
Joan Hough