Hey! Hey! It’s Communism all the way!

From: johough@swbell.net

I do hope somebody will answer the worshippers of Lincoln and enlighten them regarding the brain-wash they’ve been subjected to since the Marxist-planned take over of U.S. education and the installation of the Marxists’ over ten years of "Reconstruction" of Southern minds. Lincoln’s Marxists put their Reconstruction into effect immediately after the conclusion of the clever program of Genocide which they and Mr. Lincoln, specifically and purposefully, inflicted on Southern women and babies via Sherman and the Marxist Generals’ Scorched Earth policy of the 1860’s. The Marxists’ all powerful central government took control of Southern schools ( just as the” No Child Left Behind” all powerful central government of today controls all American schools, one way or another, and resulted in at least fifty percent of Seniors not graduating).

The Abe Lincoln cultists should all be subjected to a second program of "Reconstruction" methinks. A bit of Pavlovian re- conditioning would be perfect each one of them.–designed, in this instance by us instead of them. The cultists are armored against truth by minds so closed not a shred of reality can enter. Oddly, they, otherwise, save in the reception of truth concerning the War of Northern Invasion/Northern Aggression/ War for Southern Liberty, have minds so open all their brains have fallen out.

Some of these mind-altered true believers should learn that there are, currently appearing on the American scene, authors who dare to express truths previously concealed by the Lincoln/Marxist all powerful, Central government. There now walks on this earth a new breed of iconoclastic authors conveying truth. Yes, they tell the truth, despite the fact that truth telling is “politically incorrect”, a fact evident in the words of politicians in both political parties, and in the words of most folks writing and publishing in educational areas, including American History.

Communism runs amuck in the U.S. and is seen in plans for "Redistribution of the wealth" (Mohammed Obama’s preacher & OBama)," heavy progressive income taxes," ( the Clintons, the Republicans. the OBamas), One World government via the United Nations (the Democrats & the Republicans), the transferal of U.S. Sovereignty to the North American Union (Bush and Clinton), the glorious NEW WORLD ORDER (Bush and Bush & neocon Republicans), Socialism disguised as Democracy (Republicans and Democrats), control of Americans’ education from cradle up by all powerful central government– first instituted as part of that ten years of Reconstruction of Southern thought patterns—

If any of the above programs sound the least bit MARXIST, it is because they are full blown Marxism/Communism. Socialism is Communism, no matter what the liars say. And that’s another of the too many truths not being told.

Who dares tell the truth about all of these touted to be so wonderful "new" American programs being sold to voters? Certainly not the Lincoln cultists. Teddy Kennedy recently, however, did slip and acknowledge it according to Joseph Farah who is quoted below.

© 2008 Ted Kennedy’s moment of candor
Thursday April 03, 2008 by Joseph Farah


Economist Milton Friedman was testifying before the Senate Judiciary Committee in favor of a national constitutional amendment for a balanced budget. Kennedy argued that a requirement for a balanced budget would restrict the federal government’s power and its ability to spend – thus, he said, Washington’s role in more fairly and equitably distributing wealth, goods and services.

"Senator, socialism hasn’t worked in 6,000 years of recorded history," explained Friedman. "Why won’t you give up on it?" Kennedy rose to his feet, according to Nuttle, who attended the hearing, and replied: "It hasn’t worked in 6,000 years of recorded history because it didn’t have me to run it." (Joseph Farah)

If anyone has any real desire to know the truths, presently evading all so-called Liberals, he should read the works of honest men such as Frederic Bastiat, Al Benson, Jr., John S. Frank Conner, Thomas J. DiLorenzo, William Norman Grigg, Kevin Gutzman, Clint Johnson, James Ronald Kennedy, Walter Donald Kennedy, John S. Tilley, Thomas E. Woods and the offerings of a multitude of awakened Americans writing for the GEORGIA HERITAGE COUNCIL at www.georgiaheritagecouncil.org, including those of the Chairman of that group, J. Davis.

I am sure that some of the brain-washed might be shocked to learn the truth—that Lincoln did not wish slaves to be counted as humans in the new, opening states, because Southerners had a habit of freeing their slaves, providing them with training which made them competitive on the job market and giving them homes and land. The Northerners loathed the idea of black competition–so much so that they passed laws prohibiting any blacks from living in their states and from even "owning a pig." The home of the infamous Underground Railroad allowed no blacks to remain in it, but shipped them all to Canada.

In Louisiana, alone, before the War, there were more free blacks owning property (plantations even) than the number of blacks living, free, in the entire North. Yankee soldiers were caused some consternation when they discovered this TRUTH. –something the Lincoln-cultists have never had the opportunity to learn, or have refused to believe, because the truth might make them doubt the divinity of Lincoln.

It is terrible, horrendously evil how so many folks are cranking in fortunes by making blacks hate whites–the very race of people that made it possible for American blacks to live in the U.S.A. instead of places like Zimbabwe.

Joan Hough