Mr. Ray, in your commentary you said "To a whole lot of people, including the descendants of slaves, Confederates were the bad guys." Well, seems as though that "whole lot of people" are the only ones with feelings (and I wonder where you get your statistical data and those numbers??).

My great grandfather lost an arm defending Richmond, Virginia and Dixie. Why don’t the millions of descendants of Confederates (this includes soldiers, fathers, mothers, etc) deserve the right to respect and honor and remember our heritage? Your disdaining and condescending attitude about the South and its heritage only spur on our efforts to ensure that it is not forgotten. As for your "deal", no thanks. Northern States can have yankee days all they want.

If anyone moves to the South, they ought not expect anything other than the Confederates being the good guys, the ones who fought to defend our homeland from the yankee invaders. It’s like rooting for the home team. Why in the hell would we refer to our Boys in Gray as the bad guys??????

Charles Lauret
Grand Prairie, LA

ps: how is it you live in a city that was the capital of the Confederacy if its so racist and stupid???