My comment on the article about the Auburn City Council’s proposed meeting:
A man breaks into a jewelry store and steals a necklace. A few weeks later, the city government meets "to discuss the necklace issue." Hello?! This isn’t a "flag issue", it is an issue involving an egotist who thinks that he has a right to do what he pleases in the name of some perverted understanding of "civil rights". Well, the ladies in that cemetery had "civil rights" too, but Councilman Dowdell decided he had the right to not only steal flags, but their rights as well.
This is akin (if not nearly as murderous) as the "black youth" who shot a white youth in the chest because he had the battle flag on his shirt and was carrying another very much like the ones "Bishop" Dowdell stole. The black went looking for trouble (armed, because he is in "military school") and seeing the white youth, confronted him, called him a "racist" and in the course of an argument (no violence was offered by the white boy), shot him point blank in the chest! The charge against the miscreant? AGGRAVATED BATTERY WITH A WEAPON! When you shoot somebody from two steps away in the chest, that ain’t "aggravated battery", that’s attempted murder. If the boy dies, what will they then call it? Aggravated battery with unfortunate consequences?!
What has this to do with Auburn, I can hear the nattering nabobs saying. Simple! Double standards lead to double trouble. The only honorable, honest and decent thing that the City Council and the Mayor of Auburn can do is, first, FORGET THE FLAG – that is not the problem here. The problem is the egregious actions taken by a member of their own government. To prevent this matter from developing into something TRULY problematic, they should render to Dowdell the same justice that they would render to a white man who trespassed into a cemetery and menaced black women and desecrated black graves. A double standard is not justice and justice is what the people of Auburn should be demanding from their authorities at this time.