Letter: Commending Citizens For Other Letters Supporting The Confederate Flag
Dear Editor, Rockbridge Weekly:

I’m writing to commend the many concerned citizens who have recently written letters to the editor in support of our Confederate flags. The "politically correct farce" perpetrated against our citizens on September 1 by Lexington City Council appears to have been a "wake-up call" for all "fair-minded people."

As a member of a minority (Rockbridge County natives), I was deeply offended by the actions of Lexington City Council banning all Confederate flags from display on city-owned flag poles. Five of the six council members are "transplants" (non-natives). Our beloved mayor is also a "transplant." This attempt at political correctness will not go unchallenged.

Generals Washington and Lee both had slaves in their households. Why not remove their names from their school and change it to "Politically Correct University " (PCU)?

Also, the only two flags allowed (The U.S. and Virginia flags) should also be removed due to the fact that slavery "flourished" for nearly one hundred years under the U.S. flag before the Civil War.

Virginia, as a "Confederate State" should also have its flag removed.

We should leave the flag poles "bare" so that our "native pigeons" can roost on them and poo-poo on the heads of any unsuspecting "transplants" who venture underneath.

In conclusion, don’t send any letters directly to city hall. They don’t care. W#rite letters to the editor to every newspaper that will publish them.

A famous coach once said, "It ain’t over until it’s over." This matter is far from over.

Kindest personal regards,

W. B. (Doc) Wilmore
Rockbridge County