‘Confederate’ column draws expert’s praise

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Please see my letter published today the May 11th and send a letter of thanks to the Marietta newspaper at: letters@mdjonline.com

It’s refreshing to see a newspaper that will do Pro-Confederate Memorial Day Editorials and letters of appreciation. I also like the title of my letter as below. Thanks and God Bless!

Calvin E. Johnson, Jr., Chairman of the Confederate History Month
Committee for the Sons of Confederate Veterans


‘Confederate’ column draws expert’s praise

By Calvin E. Johnson, Jr., Chairman of the Sons of Confederate Veterans
Confederate History and Heritage Month Committee.

Letters to the editor
The Marietta Daily Journal

Please allow me to extend my appreciation to Associate Editor Bill Kenney for his Sunday May 1st editorial, entitled “Times have changed, but city still honors Confederate Memorial Day.”

Mr. Kenney’s article was very thoughtful about our Confederate ancestors and such articles are rare to read during these “Politically Correct” times. I also appreciate Mr. Kenney’s reference to Confederate History
and Heritage Month during April that was made official in 2009 by act of the Georgia General Assembly and former Governor Sonny Perdue. I am Chairman of the Georgia Division and National Confederate History Month
Committee for the Sons of Confederate Veterans and I believe there is a revival in Southern Heritage taking place in America today. Since 2002, the Cobb County Board of Commissioners has also presented the Sons of
Confederate Veterans annual proclamations for Confederate History Month.

Please let me clarify that Confederate Memorial Day, since the 1870s, was and still is a legal holiday in Georgia State Government and Robert E. Lee’s birthday is still a legal holiday but oddly I believe is recognized in November instead of his birthday, January 19th.

And also let me say that Southerners have taken a stand against those who would disgrace the Confederate soldier and his blood stained flag of many battles but some in the media would prefer to focus on the hate
groups. The Sons of Confederate Veterans has in fact authored several resolutions against those who would misuse the Confederate flag and other symbols of our wonderful Southern heritage.

I once asked a TV reporter, why do some in the media focus on a small hate group but will disregard a kindly-remembrance with a thousand people on Confederate Memorial Day?

Mr. Kenney, thank you for the mention about Sunday’s Confederate Memorial Day service and the fair editorial remembrance of the men of Confederate gray. They can no longer defend themselves but with God’s
help we will never forget.