Leon Puissegur

I know what many are asking, “Color what gone?”. Color our nation as we know it now gone, actually it began back in 1860 when the South left the United States and it has constantly gone down hill ever since. Back in the 1860’s the people in several Southern States wanted to leave the union, which at that time was only bound together at the granting of the several States. These States, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Texas were the first ones to leave. Now many of you say that Virginia, North Carolina, Tennessee, and Arkansas were amongst them. You are not right. These four states voted NOT to leave the Union; they only left the Union when Abraham Lincoln told them to send troops to their neighbors to get them back into the union. Kentucky and Missouri were Border States and had strong Southern feelings.

Their decision to leave the Union was not based upon anything other than having to give up almost 70% of the taxes while getting extremely little in return. The South was actually supporting the North. It was during this 4-year war that our freedoms began to fall apart. Lincoln eliminated the writ of Habeas Corpus and throwing thousands of people into jail without a trail. He even had the entire Maryland legislature thrown into jail because he was afraid they were going to leave the Union too.

After the War for Southern independence came the longest length of Military rule in the history of the United States. From 1865 to 1876, the entire South was under martial law. During this period, many people were forced to bow down when the flag of the United States passed by. Others were thrown into jail for not honoring the flag of the United States. It was during these 11 years of military control that the South and the rest of the United States became not what were declared in 1776, but actually a new nation based upon the rule of money rather then the rule of the people.

Today our Representatives and Senators are just as bad if not worse about taking rights away from the people. Today only chosen groups can do as they wish even if it is against the majority of the people. Our Senators and Representatives have sold their souls to the highest bidder and few if any are really concerned with what the people want. Today these “politicians” make decisions which are not based upon what the majority want, but rather they make the decision based upon how much money they can get for their re-election campaign.

It was not until a few years ago that both sides of the Congress could not give themselves a raise. An individual from Texas, (I could be mistaken, but I think that is where it was learned), found out that the amendment that disallowed the Congress from giving itself a raise was not ratified. There was a big rush to give themselves not only a raise, but yearly cost of living increases. That was done BEFORE they ratified the other Amendment. Again, money was of more concern to our Congress then the right of the people.

Enter Bill Clinton and the biggest fight to try to eliminate the Second Amendment. This began back in the late 1940’s when it was learned how the Germans took guns away from their people. The Germans called it gun control act of 1938. Upon their arrival back into the United States it did not take long for a couple of Congressman to come up with the first anti gun law in the United States and basing it on the German law. It was outright contempt by Congress to add a bill that watered down the Second Amendment. President Bill Clinton went, as far as to say that the second amendment was not meant for the general population but rather for the State National Guard. This attack upon our constitution has not stopped since 1865 with the worst happening in the last few years.

Today our elected officials are trying to decide what to do about ILLEGAL Aliens. I am sorry, but one word in the previous sentence seems to make the point about what to do moot at best. They are here AGAINST the LAW. No one has to decide what to do, they are breaking the LAW, and they have to go back. But our Congressional leaders are so browbeat that they cannot understand the simplicity of the problem. It is right in front of their noses but they just do not care about what the majority believes. Again they look at money. The people that use these ILLEGAL ALIENS do not pay them basic pay; they are paid BELOW minimum wage. Yet again we are sold out to the companies that tell our “elected officials” that they will give them big campaign contributions if they allow the ILLEGAL ALIENS to stay and thus help their profit levels.

It is our very Congress that is allowing the BIG OIL companies to charge high prices when they should be almost half of what they are. Again, the BIG Oil companies are heavy contributors to the “elected officials”. The politicians are ignoring their people for the amount of money they can put into their election coffers. Our nation is the best MONEY can buy and our “elected Officials” are for sale to the highest bidder.

It is because of the sellout Politicians that money and not the people are controlling our country. It is the color of green and I doubt that anyone can eliminate this problem since to do so would only get you killed or you would die of an unexpected heart attack. This is why I named the article, “Color It Gone” because our rights and freedom are sold to the highest bidder in Washington, D.C. and at the State and local levels. Our freedom, “Color It Gone.”

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