Colonel Reb


Sent: Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Hey Mr. Edgerton,

My name is Bradley Morris I met you a few weeks ago in Crystal Springs,Ms when you were in town for our tomato festival. I was the young man at the SCVA tent and the supper at Amerigas. Im not sure if this is your personal email or not but if it is I have some questions to ask you. I go to the University of Mississippi(Ole Miss) and a couple years back the banned the battle flag from campus and the football stadium. Alot of people were very upset and it was a serious blow to the pride of the fans. Now they are getting rid of our beloved mascot Col. Reb which is an old white man with white beard and walking cane. The inspiration for Col Reb was a old black confederate soldior who lived on the campus of ole miss after the war. They claim that the image of a white man in confederate greys is a sore part of Mississippi history. We are the Ole Miss Rebels. Our band "The Pride of the South" still plays Dixie after every game win or lose. Roads on our campus are named after confederate war heros and battles. Or chant is Hotty Toddy Gosh Almighty who the hell are We.. Flim Flam Bim Bam Ole Miss by Damn.. which is a Mississippi confederate battle cry. what im getting at is what will be the next to go, and how do I stop it. People down here are to worried about what people will think or who they will offend to stand up for what is right and our southern heritage. After what happened in Selma,Al I know it will not be much longer before everything that was Ole Miss will be gone. If there is anyway you maybe able to help the people of Mississippi would be thankful. If I were to be out there with my flag giving my speach they would consider me a racist, a bigot, or just some ole redneck bitter about the war. With you it is different they see a man defying odds and breaking the mold. They see a man that defys everything they have ever been taught about the south and the flag you carry. I will help you in anyway i can.God bless you and all that you do..