Col. John Inzer
Chuck, here is a confederate quote for SHN&V from Col. John Inzer commander of the 58th Alabama Infantry Regiment. Inzer was captured during the fighting around Chattanooga Tennessee & imprisoned at Sandusky Ohio.
Everyday a yankee officer was sent around to offer confederates a release from prison if they would join the Union army. On one particular when the yankee officer was making his proposal Col. Inzer replied to him & said, " If all of hell was boiled down to a pint I would drink it before I’d join your damned yankee army! " Of course, all to the delight of the cheering confederates listening.
This quote can be found in his diary which SCV camp # 308 in Ashville Alabama has had printed in book form entitled, " Diary of A Confederate Soldier " the memories of Col. John Inzer.
It`s one of my favorite confederate quotes & I feel worth sharing.
Billy E. Price
Ashville Alabama