After taking a break for the Christmas Season it is time to resume the effort to "encourage" the Coca-Cola Company to get out of politics. Specifically to discontinue using our money to support political correctness, purging of Southern Heritage and desecrating Coke’s own Heritage.

To recap our current position, as this effort has continued to grow, North American sales of Coke products have continued to perform below Coke’s management expectations. Several news reports have been distributed on this site where Coke management issued press releases stating that North American sales are disappointing.


What do they expect when literally thousands of their most loyal customers, the very customers whose families made Coke a world-wide success, boycott their products?


We must remember when this effort first started several of us sent very reasonable questions to Coke asking them to reconsider their anti-Southern actions. Their responses were not only less than truthful (actually a downright lie) but were insulting. They basically stated that we (implicating "rednecks" or "hicks") were too disorganized to be considered.

Now think about it, truth does not matter, facts do not matter, nothing mattered to them except their "low" opinion of us and their opinion that we did not count. Rather insulting in addition to being extremely poor customer relations and certainly a text book example of mismanagement.

Well we have been a bit more organized than their politically correct opinion considered. Our spokesman, Dr. William Swann has collected and delivered thousands of paper petition signatures, the online petition continues to grow, the web site has had over 36,000 visits, the (which includes section on Coke) has had over 84,000 visits, the web site (includes section on Coke) has had over 681,000 visits and the web site (which covers the Coke Boycott effort) has had over 404,000 visits. Looks like the word is spreading and the effort is growing. Any they wonder why North American sales are performing poorly.

The only answer I can think of to explain this to the Coke management team is:

We live in North America and no longer buy your products – stupid!
Thousands of former loyal customers
not buying your products hurts your sales!

Bet their stockholders will be able to figure this out!

The chart below demonstrates the futility of their position of ignoring their loyal former customer base. This is a chart that shows the relationship of Coke (KO – blue), Pepsi (PEP – red – their number one competitor) and the DOW (green) for the last two years. Notice how at the beginning all three are roughly tracking together. Then Coke begins to slip increasingly below both Pepsi and the DOW. Meanwhile Pepsi continues to track above or roughly equal to the DOW.
Stock Chart for Coca-Cola, Pepsi and Dow

Note: As our effort has continued to grow, Coke’s performance compares to their main competitor and the DOW has increasingly slipped.

The financial mismanagement gurus at Coke discount this by stating that there are many factors that has caused them to perform below their main competitor and the DOW. In this case the mismanagement team at Coke is correct, however our effort is ONE of the factors and it is growing.

In the past two years we have sent several communications to Coke management in an effort to resolve this issue. To date they have refused to even acknowledge that your effort exists.

This is your effort, your review of the communications has been impressive. Your distribution of the information and spreading the word has been the source of the continuing growth. During the two month vacation we have developed some plans for the next phase of this effort and these will be submitted over the next couple weeks for your comment. We think that you will approve of them and we can in fact make this effort not only successful but have fun in the process.

In the meantime continue to spread the word:

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