As before we are submitting the following letter for review and you comments before sending. This is your effort, it is your government and Heritage and we are just trying to provide a service to make the effort successful. In the past the review and comments on the proposed letters have certainly improved their quality.

This letter is intended to demonstrate to the Coke just how out of touch with the People of Georgia they have been. They participated in back room wheeling and dealing, used corporate funds to gain unholy influence in our State government and turned their back on the majority of Georgians. The recent Mason Dixon poll documented what we have tried to tell them for three years now. 79% of Georgians want a State Flag FAIR Vote! 15% are satisfied with the methods used by Coke and others.

How long will Coke stockholders pay a penalty for the actions of the Coke politically correct squad? That is up to the Coca-Cola Corporation.

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In the meantime, continue to get signatures on the Online Petition:

And support the Georgia FLAG Fair Vote Act – HB 15. By the way, Coke is probably part of the ongoing effort to still deny a FAIR Vote to Georgians. When you buy Coke products – remember that some portion of your money is being used to lobby against the Georgia Flag FAIR Vote Act in this years Legislature.

The following letter is available for review and comment and will be mailed next Monday, February 21.

February 21, 2005

Mr. E. "Neville" Isdell
Chairman, Board of Directors, and Chief Executive Officer
The Coca-Cola Company
One Coca-Cola Plaza
Atlanta, Georgia 30313

Dear Mr. Isdell:

This letter and the referenced petition signatures are being sent to Coke to bring a matter of great concern to your attention. From the attached correspondence you will see that you, your predecessor and fellow members of the Board of Directors have been very unresponsive.

As you are aware, Coke was invented by a Confederate veteran. Historically Coke relied upon the Proud Heritage of Southerners to increase the sales of Coke products. As a result Coke became the beverage of choice and one which untold thousands were proud of.

It was with great shock and dismay that an increasing number of your customers discovered that Coke has inexplicably changed. Coke has not only abandoned its roots, but is now using our money to discriminate against Southern Heritage.

Efforts to discuss this issue with designated representatives have failed. For example, questioning the involvement of Coke in the Georgia Business PAC resulted in responses that were basically a denial of documented facts (the Georgia Business PAC records are open public records in Georgia). Even the changing of the information on your flagship product, Coke, from "Confederate veteran" to "civil war veteran" was denied when it is obvious to all on your web site.

To further demonstrate just how out of touch your company’s policies are with your former and current customer base we are enclosing a copy of the recent Mason Dixon poll. This is a professional statewide poll on State Flag issues. Please note that 79% of Georgians want a Georgia Flag FAIR Vote and only 15% support your company’s position of forcing political correctness upon us.

Your company thwarted the will of at least 79% of Georgians and these statistics probably hold true in other States as well.

It is our opinion that neither your customers, nor your stockholders should be subjected to this abuse of corporate funds. In fact the responsibility for proper use of corporate funds does fall with the Board of Directors and the officers of the Corporation.

The attached list of former customers, and those who join this effort will simply discontinue the use of your products, continue to spread the word, and be sure that your stockholders are aware until a successful resolution is reached. A successful resolution must include the following:

Restore the recognition of the inventor of Coke.
Ending discrimination against Southern Heritage.
Reconciliation for deliberate attempts to promote anti-Southern political campaigns.

Rev. William Swann, our spokesman has provided Coke with over 40 pounds of paper petition signatures. Also without any response from Coke. Your North American sales will continue to show an increasing level of depressed performance until this situation is addressed and your stockholders have a right to know why a steadily growing number of former customers are choosing other products.

Should you desire to discuss the above in good faith we urge you to contact Rev. William Swann.

For now, we remain your former customers.


Mike Crane
725 Ridgeview Road
Morganton, Georgia, 30560

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