Commentary by Dr. W. H. Swann

Time after time we’re told we are too few in number to make a difference. We are repeatedly told that we lack the concentration or staying power to organize and maintain a boycott. Yet we started a boycott of The Coca-Cola Company in 2002 and to date their volume sales in North America (Including Canada) have fallen between 1.4% and 4%. The reason this number is so varied is that Coca-Cola and CCE (Coca-Cola Enterprises) the North American Distributor for Coca-Cola Products, can’t make up their minds about how much the volume is really off.

Beverage Digest suggests the number is closer to the 4%, but Coca-Cola which recently admitted to the SEC that they lied and used faulty accounting practices to deceptively maintain sales and profit levels, now reports that North American Sales were flat. Since PepsiCo bottlers of Pepsi Products has been reporting huge gains in sales and profits in North America (Up 5.5% in Volume) it seems likely that they are taking the business from someone, and that is likely the Coca-Cola Corp.

As of today (4/28/05), we now have over 1.6 million people who have signed either paper on on-line petitions that say they are boycotting Coca-Cola Products. These petitions come from all over the world and some have as few as 8 signatures on the petition to ones from Alaska with over 30 pages of signers. There are undoubtedly some duplicates between the paper petitions and the Online Petition created and managed by Southern Party Vice Chairman and great Southern Patriot Mike Crane.

There are undoubtedly some of you who boycotted for some period of time and went back to buying Coca-Cola. The majority of Southern Patriots have remained committed to defeating this Corporate Assassin of Southern Heritage. To those who have remained steadfast, its time to kick it up a notch, tell your friends and family to keep buying anything but Coca-Cola Products.

Coca-Cola is counting on regaining momentum this summer, and it is the duty of every Southern Heritage loving person to do their part in this battle. It isn’t often that we have the chance to make a statement and a difference by doing something that doesn’t cost us money. We can adjust to a different tasting soft drink.

A Gentleman wrote me with a petition from Maryland and says it better than I could. “Every time a Southern Person buys a Coca-Cola product it is roughly the equivalent of handing Sherman’s Bummers another match with which to burn down a Southerners home”. Mitch’s (last name with held by request) comments may sound extreme but they are correct. Every Coca-Cola Purchase funds anti-Southern activity, and while there is no burning down of our current homes, they sure as the devil are re-destroying the homes and honorable names of our Ancestors.

Strike a blow for Southern Heritage, JUST SAY NO TO COCA-COLA PRODUCTS.

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