Coca-Cola Boycott


This is the official Coca-Cola Update for all Southern Patriots.

Brothers and Sisters of the South:

Any war is made up of individual battles and usually the winner of the most battles wins the conflict. Southern Patriots from all across America and several foreign countries have joined in our battle with the Coca-Cola Corp. For our part we are remaining faithful to the Boycott, seldom does a week go by that I don’t receive another paper petition from someone letting us know they haven’t forgotten the Boycott.

For those new to this particular battle, Coca-Cola in a radical departure from their historical pattern of Political Contributions gave each Georgia Legislator and State Senator $1,500.00 if they voted to change the Georgia State Flag. Like a (now unemployed) thief in the night, ex-Governor Roy Barnes bribed, threatened, and intimidated enough cowardly Georgia Politicians so that the beautiful 1956 Confederate Memorial Georgia State Flag was changed to the ugliest flag in the world. The politicians were rewarded by the infamous Atlanta Chamber pot of Commerce, led by Coca-Cola, Bell South, Home Depot and other bottom feeding Atlanta Companies.

As an individual who owned a few shares of stock in Coca-Cola and was a life long consumer of all things Coca-Cola I was incensed (frothing at the mouth, and I would have likely bit my own tail if I had possessed one). I started a one person boycott, then my family and friends joined in, and even the members of my Church voted to remove a Coke Machine from our Church. I approached the different Confederate Heritage Organizations in the State of Georgia and they universally joined in. Then Coca-Cola took the additional step of insulting every Southerner alive. Coca-Cola was founded by Confederate Colonel John Pemberton and his image was used in Coca-Cola advertisements for years. Coca-Cola removed all Confederate images from their web site, and Colonel Pemberton became a Civil War Veteran.

So the battle and boycott lines were drawn in the sand. We wrote Coca-Cola management, Board Members, and every Officer in the Coca-Cola Corporation. We received insulting letters back. One in particular replying to my rather heated letter to Coca-Cola Chairman of the Board Douglas Daft, came back and said, "Frankly Coca-Cola isn’t worried about a few upset Southerner’s. In the first place there aren’t that many of you, and those that are upset don’t have the fortitude (I looked it up this means gut) to sustain a boycott for any meaningful length of time".

Well the boycott started in 2001, its now 2005. I’m still as angry as I was the first day. Certainly there have been people who have read about the boycott and then forgotten it the next time Coca-Cola was on sale. But you know what, at a time when the Cola market is growing and syrup sales in North America are at an all time high for PepsiCo, Coca-Cola sales in North America have shown two straight years of declining sales.

What is different, Well Southern Patriots North America wide are no longer drinking or buying Coca-Cola Products. For some time now we have been doing everything possible to get any Newspaper Coverage of our Boycott, and in an answer to lots of Prayers, the Atlanta Journal/Constitution business writer Scott Leith has conducted an interview with me about the boycott. Once that genie is out of the bottle, the boycott will become National News. Guess what, once the story makes National News, sales and stock of Coca-Cola are going to drop further and faster than they are now.

This boycott and the publicity isn’t about any individual, it is however about the collective "WE" of all Southern Patriots. We have proven we can maintain a boycott and produce results. We will get Coca-Cola to meet with us, and we will stop temporarily one giant Corporation from dismissing as insignificant we "Southern People".

As one of the Greatest Confederate Generals answered when asked how he won so many battles when especially when he was out-manned and out-gunned, General Nathan Bedford Forrest said, "I put the skeer on ’em, an’ keep ’em skeered." We now have Coca-Cola’s attention, so we’ve accomplished the first part. Now we have to really concentrate. Please go to the BoycottCoke  site and sign the petition asking Coca-Cola to get out of Politics. Get all your friends and neighbors to sign too. Remind all the country stores in all the communities around the South in particular, that Coca-Cola is anti-Southern. Ask locally owned restaurants or fast food establishments to change to Pepsi (I know Pepsi isn’t much better but we have to win this like eating an elephant, one bite at a time). Wednesday is General Lee’s birthday celebration, I can think of no more fitting tribute than everyone refusing to use any Coca-Cola product that day, and then the next day, and the day after that.

Coca-Cola Management is Skeered, help keep the Skeer on em.

GOD bless,

Dr. William H. Swann