From: Timothy D. Manning,
Date: October 29, 2009

Dear SPS Friends,

Often when Chuck Demastus at SHNV posts something I have written I receive emails with helpful and often excellent observations, encouragement and sometimes very thoughtful questions from SHNV readers.  This is very encouraging to me and I am sure it is to others who receive such affirmation and support while they are seeking to correct many of the mistaken notions so many people have about the South, our culture and our Christian faith. Below is a link to SHNV and a message I posted on his site this week. If you subscribe to his service (it’s free) you will find that his readers (I call them the email Tigers) are great at supporting and encouraging each other as they seek to educate and go after media sources, schools and politicians who commit gross heritage violations against our South and our culture. If you like this site (no, I am not getting paid for this) send the blurb and link below to your friends.

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There are those times when it becomes tiresome being the sore thumb of the whipping boy who is always being attacked by some northerner or reconstructed Southerner who has bought into the propaganda of our now agnostic socialist empire. We get publicly and professionally injured at times while doing the best we can in our various locales speaking out as the lone voice of a Southern Christian agrarian viewpoint in todays PC socialist society. The sad part is that this society has been growing in its level of hostility toward us and our practice of seeking God’s will in our lives and seeking to honour the practices and traditions that have preserved the Christian faith through the centuries. I know that there are others out there who feel like we do but have not wanted to have or start trouble at their schools, jobs, towns or churches by appearing to be intolerant of the evil around them. To some measure all of us succumb to this "to-get-along-go-along" temptation.

During the 1860’s the United States sowed the wind and now we are reaping a monstrous whirlwind in the total breakdown of  western civilisation. Even our own Southern folks have been heavily reconstructed and derascinated through mandatory attendance in government schools and the omnipresent, prevalent and dominate media and entertainment industries. Our enemies spend billions of dollars every year in an effort to force this nonsense down our intellectual throats. They go so far as to "test-market" their ability to get us to watch, listen, buy and participate in their life degenerating activities. They obviously have no lives of their own, they just want to influence and control our lives.

Like Jefferson Davis in his defense of secession he stated that the South just wanted "to be let alone."

These efforts have proven so successful that many of us no longer know how to think and act as "free gentlemen and ladies." There are reasons why the common use of terms like "ladies and gentlemen" are largely out of use in the United States; instead, we are all referred to by the Deep North unisex term "guy", even worse is "you’s guys." (By the way, I had only just met the woman who was to become my wife when I immediately concluded that she certainly was no "guy.") Guy was a common unisex term in the Deep North when their populations were often referred to as "the land of the long haired men and short haired women", a euphemistic phrase for homosexuals. Southerners used to react with mild amusement to the use of guys and considered the term inappropriate and in poor taste. Can you imagine General Robert E. Lee introducing his staff as "a fine group of guys"? I have seen this term used by Sons of Confederate Veterans camp commanders and at reenactments by well-meaning but partially reconstructed Gentlemen.

Our States no longer enjoy having a working or philosophical paradigm of what a free and independent society even looks like, sounds like and acts like. And, when we vote for one of these self-serving slime-balls it usually only serves to encourage them in their continued destruction of what little remains of a western Christian social and civil order.  And, yes, I do regret the 30 years I spent working for Republican political campaigns. For years I was proud that both my parents worked in the White House from the beginning of the Reagan administration until about five years ago. I have learned to fear the foolishness of any person who promises to change America.  A far finer work would be for them to promise to restore constitutional government as envisioned by the U.S. Founders at the national level.

I have come to believe that "voting does indeed matter", but for different reasons than I had been taught in high school. Our voting is used against us and our convictions about our constitutions. We find ourselves nearly always voting for the lesser of two (three, four or five) evils. Most assuredly I will not vote again for any Republican or Democrat no matter what their promises may sound like. The post-election performance of our "representatives" repeatedly demonstrates that they exercise too much power, too much deceit and too much secrecy, far too little conscience, too little integrity, too little honesty and simply cannot be trusted.

The system is too big, too corrupt and broken beyond repair. It exercises a highly developed and sophisticated form of fascism that is far beyond the fondest dreams of even Mussolini. Government this big and this wealthy never works to preserve or establish American thinking about freedom and liberty.  We must give up our sense of uniquely "American exceptionalism," "American supranationalism", American thinking that "might makes right", American "divine destiny", and that "bigger is better" so we must be united. (Noah entirely failed to be united with his community who could not swim long enough to escape God’s reach.)

Nearly every Southerner knows that "union" is not won at the point of bayonets or at the receiving end of cannon fire or established by the might of overwhelming military power. People in our country are now politically successful who campaign against the time honoured and established principles of God’s Ten Commandments. We have learned that a great many of the members of American churches did not recognize a communist when they saw one and voted for him.  What would have been a "no brainer" a hundred years ago is now readily accepted as the new political orthodoxy.

I hear such popular "conservatives" as Rush Limbaugh pandering socialist totalitarian solutions to socialist-created political and cultural problems. And, yes, I am regrettably "reconstructed" but I have the timidity to believe that I am growing less so each month. A person cannot help being affected by modernity’s wretched egalitarianism after years of indoctrination in their schools, seeing almost nothing but their sick social points of view and demented and immoral practices overtly loaded and paraded into nearly every form of public "entertainment", and having the actions and changes of governmental policies and the subsequent report of the "news" media regarding these changes tainted and poisoned by these Marxist scabs. And, no, I did not intend for this to sound like a rant when I started this note.

SHNV, Chuck and his readers are to be numbered amoung those rare persons who can still hear the faint and distant drums of our fading civilisation and march to its beat instead of the chaotic and deafening clamour ever present around us. I truly do appreciate your encouragement. I know the painful and discouraging experiences which befall so many of us everyday, but I also know God can open new windows when the devil slams doors in our faces. There are very few people who even come close to knowing what you, the new and rising South, know. I cannot help but believe God still has much for all of us to do in this regard. He will help us find a way.

((The above letter is an edited version of a personal letter I wrote to one of our great Southern gentlemen and warriors who works daily to defend Southern history and culture, Gary Walker. Gary writes and lives in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. Keep up the good work Gary!)) Many of SHNV’s writers and readers are warriors working and witnessing in an intelligent manner to everyone they can reach.   Many of these folks have paid a severe price for their efforts. Our children are hassled at school and talked down to by their political inferiors.  Our adults are hassled on their jobs and often forced to watch films and go through training and take CEU’s (Continuing Education Units) so that they will not offend the offensive egalitarians. I lost a $100,000 a year job as a hospital administrator after I retired from teaching because I would not remove a Virginia SCV license plate from my car after an NAACP activist nurse complained. She registered no complaint about my management or administrative practices.

SHNV is touching the lives of many important people.  The work SHNV writers, phoners, readers and talkers do to promote the truth (spiritual, cultural or political) is very very important. We must not give-in, we must not give-up and we must not compromise on such critical matters as those this site addresses and considers and makes sincere efforts to resolve. We must find ways to not just react to those stupid attacks that are so insulting.  We must find ways to take the battle to those who are an enemy of truth, freedom and liberty.

Keep up the good work!
Deo Vindice.

Timothy D. Manning, M.Div.
Executive Director
Palmetto Heritage Foundation
3018 Charleston Highway
Cayce, South Carolina 29172
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