Re: Clinging to tradition isn`t worth hurting people.

Mr. Goodman, in reply to your editorial, "Clinging to tradition isn`t worth hurting people." Southerners clinging to THEIR Confederate battleflag or any other symbol of the South only hurts others because journalists like yourself have enforced this idea of everything Southern being inherently "evil” ever since the War for Southern Independence came to an end. What you & many others fail to realize is that being offended is not against the law & your ignorant, bigoted, prejudiced views of us do not make them so. Southerners see many things that offend them but we’ve learned to deal with them because we know other Americans have the FREEDOM & RIGHT to like or dislike anything they chose to. All we have ever asked is that we be afforded these same rights that are granted to all other Americans or is this too much to ask for in a country where everyone is supposed to be equal & have the same rights. Does the Constitution of the United States of America grant everyone but Southerners the right to celebrate their heritage & culture regardless of how the unwashed masses "feel" about us? We do not try to tell others what their heritage is or is not about & it is not for you or anyone else to tell us what ours is or is not either. I think we know what it is better than you or anyone else ever will as you are on the outside of it looking in. You like so many other people in this country today are tolerant of everything & everybody but Southerners. You & your ilk need to drop all your pretenses & flowery writing & speech & be man enough to come straight to the point & admit that you hate Southerners just because we are ourselves. No amount of politically correct brainwashing would ever make us anymore acceptable to you & those who hate us. Illegal aliens from south of the border probably find the American flag offensive now that congress & the senate are finally trying to enforce our immigration laws. Under your system of reasoning should we now ban the displaying of the American flag & forget those who fought for it & those who love it?

Billy E. Price
Asheville, AL

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