Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Letter: Williams vilified unjustly over Civil War stance

A recent essay vilified columnist Walter E. Williams wrongly for exposing President Lincoln as a hypocritical brute. A power-hungry opportunist, Lincoln was mentally ill, given to fits of depression and dark moods. He "saved" the Union by unjust, immoral means.

The "right to secede" is implicit in the spirit of the Constitution. Sovereign states are "we, the people." The assert the people who granted limited powers to a government have no right to retract them when it becomes oppressive is asinine. Secession of the Confederate States of America was not a revolution with intent to overthrow the Yankee-controlled government; the intent was peaceful disengagement.

A crusader always has a hidden agenda. For Lincoln, it was maintaining enslavement of Southern states and, therefore, his power base for re-election. Northern states still get several dollars of benefit for each dollar sent in, while Southern states receive a fraction.

Those who portray Lincoln as a hero are the same stooges who believe government can create wealth.

The cause is not lost. Texas has both the right and the need to withdraw from this fatally flawed Union. As the Soviet Union collapsed, so will this one after destroying our economy.

Curt Taylor


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