Preparing For The "Civil War" Propaganda Blitz

by Al Benson Jr.

As 2010 draws to a close, with the Obamunists having suffered some reverses in Washington, we approach the coming year, which will be the start of the 150th anniversary of the War of Northern Aggression. I call it that because that’s what it was really all about.

Thanks to the concerted efforts of the current Marxist regime the country is well past being broke–and possibly, in regard to the commemoration of this tragic event, that might be a good thing, strange as that sounds.

I just read an article on which dealt with this problem. According to USA Today: "The Civil War Sesquicentennial Act which would establish a national, federally funded committee to help organize commemorative events, was introduced to the House on March 4th by Illinois Democratic Representative Jesse Jackson Jr. and then referred to the House Committee on Oversight and Governmental Reforms, where it is still waiting to be passed according to Jackson spokesman Andrew Wilson."  Also noted was the fact that Louisiana’s ultra-liberal Senator, Mary Landrieu, introduced a similar act in the Senate in October, 2009. It never made it out of committee (for which we should give thanks).

However, Je$$e Jackson’s son is ever the optimist and he hopes his bill just might make it into the lame duck session starting on November 15th. This just might be the Democratic Congresses last chance to stiff the public before they have to surrender that privilege to the Republicans.

Jackson has boldly stated: "We must use the sesquicentennial as a chance to make sure all of us, young and old, have an accurate appreciation of this transformative period in our nation’s history." Translation: We need a federally funded committee to make sure the propagandized rewriting of our history continues through this period so that everyone finally becomes convinced that this war was fought only so the South could keep her slaves and for no other reason.

You don’t honestly think Jesse Jackson Jr. would introduce such legislation for any other reason do you? And if the feds do, somehow, come up with enough credit or enough of our tax dollars to do this that is exactly the translation you are going to get.

Jackson labels this a "transformative" period. I guess you could call the dismantling of the old Republic and its replacement with a socialist democracy as somewhat "transformative." Socialist coups that change the form of government in a country are usually guaranteed to be "transformative" even if the people in that country don’t realize it thanks to their history being rewritten. Welcome to post-America!

Rather than a federally funded committee that you know will be formed to make the Southern states look bad and the Northern states look as pure as the driven snow, why not leave the commemoration of this event up to the states, or better yet, to local communities? Doing such would mean that the commemorations wouldn’t be as big and splashy as they would if the feds footed the bill, but they might be a lot more accurate, and if they weren’t, at least the effects of the propaganda would be limited.

You have to realize that, if the feds do this thing, you are going to have four straight years of continuous propaganda about the slavery issue and how the war affected black Americans. It will be like four straight years of Black History Month, with maybe a token white racist thrown in for good measure so we’ll all learn how truly evil those white guys in the South really were–and Abraham Lincoln will be portrayed as saviour of the universe-giving his life (in a theater not on a cross) for the sin of slavery. I’ve been watching this game for a couple decades now, and the only thing that changes are the players. The game plan stays the same.

If some of these events were handled at the local level, in many cases in the South, by organizations like the Sons of Confederate Veterans, you would get a much more accurate representation and understanding of what folks in the South really fought for and against. "Civil War" re-enactments take place all across the country. We’ve seen them in the North as well as the South, and usually they are pretty accurate historically and if you want to go into the re-enactor’s camps and talk to the re-enactors they are usually very glad to tell you what they are doing and why. They welcome interested visitors.

I have no doubt that the leftist crowd will use this four year period to pour out an almost continuous invective about the War being fought over slavery and nothing else. If that ends up being the case, it would be helpful to those of us who want to try to tell the real truth if Congress doesn’t manage to fund the left-wing drivel that will be thrown at us masquerading as "history."

Content ©2010 Al Benson Jr.

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