I read the article "Civil war in the SCV" in today’s on-line version of The Anniston Star, and I really must take exception to the entire tone of the article.

In the article, you make the statement that the rift in the SCV is attributable to "militant members whose aim is to be more aggressive in battling perceived attacks on Confederate heritage." As a member of the media, you are certainly aware of the frequency, virulence, and intensity of the attacks directed against Southern heritage, Southern symbols, and Southern heroes in the past 15 or so years. You must also be aware that those of us who attempt to honor our Confederate ancestors and their cause of Southern independence have suffered a great many losses due to the "forces of political correctness", if you will, and yet, the attacks continue. If we Southern patriots were to continue to sit back and do nothing in our ancestors’ defense, or if we were to continue to be content to meet only to relate stories of Confederate history or to dust off old Confederate tombstones, we would witness in a very short time the obliteration of our Southern heritage, Southern symbols, and Southern heroes by the likes of the NAACP, and other intolerant leftist organizations.

I assume you are aware of the resolution passed by the NAACP at their 1991 national convention that reads as follows:


1. Resolution abhorring the Confederate Battle Flag on State Flags Approved WHEREAS, the tyrannical evil symbolized in the Confederate Battle Flag is an abhorrence to all Americans and decent people of this country, and indeed the world and is an odious blight upon the universe; and, WHEREAS, African-Americans, had no voice, no consultation, no concurrence, no commonality, not in fact nor in philosophy, in the vile conception of the Confederate Battle Flag or State Flags containing the ugly symbol of idiotic white supremacy, racism and denigration; and, WHEREAS, we adamantly reject the notion that African-Americans should accept this flag for any stretch of the imagination or approve its presence on State Flags; NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that the national office of the NAACP and all units commit their legal resources to the removal of the Confederate Flag from all public properties."

Although the NAACP tries to project an image of tolerance and harmony to outsiders, I think any reasonable person would have to conclude from the above resolution that the SCV and other Southern patriotic organizations would best wake up, shake off their lethargy, and "get into the fray". With organizations such as the NAACP mobilizing their national resources for your organization’s eradication, the SCV has no recourse but to "be more aggressive in battling perceived attacks on Confederate heritage". With this resolution, the NAACP has declared war on us proud and patriotic Southerners and on our Confederate ancestors, who are no longer able to defend their honor. It is our duty to mount a spirited defense against these attacks.

In addition, your editorial stated that Southern heritage defense "…has also taken on ugly racial overtones, as some in the SCV leadership have flirted openly with Confederate groups with a much harder edge…such as the League of the South".

I don’t know whether you have personally researched the League of the South, or if you are simply taking the word of the leftwing, self-serving Southern Poverty Law Center, but if you will simply scan the website of the League of the South, you will see that their Mission Statement says, "We Seek to Advance the Cultural, Social, Economic, and Political Well Being and Independence of the Southern People by all Honourable Means". As you know, Southerners come in all sizes, all colors, and all religions–we aren’t all simply white, male, Protestants. When an organization seeks to advance the cultural, social, economic and political well being of all Southerners, that includes black Southerners, white Southerners, red Southerners, yellow Southerners, and any Southerners in between. Now, where is the racism in that?

I can assure you that once the enemies of Southern heritage cease their unprovoked and dastardly attacks against our Southern heritage organizations, our symbols, and our heroes, we Southern patriots will no longer need to be quite so "militant" in our defense of our Confederate ancestors and their cause of Southern independence.


David A. Anthony
Palm Harbor, Florida