From: Barbara Lee Rowe []
Sent: Tuesday, November 01, 2005 7:46 PM
Subject: Fw: Civil Rights Monument

My Dear H.K.:

I received a forward of your email from my very dear friends, Tracy and Rodney. I was present during your visit to Gettysburg and am so happy that you are helping us fight the fight and speak the truth. I am the President of the Order of Confederate Rose here in Gettysburg and have been involved in so many problems with our flag. Now 4 school districts in PA are suspending students for wearing any Confederate symbols. Our group will be lecturing students at the Gettysburg Middle School very shortly to teach them the truth about our flag and that it DOES NOT represent racism as everyone seems to want to believe. How unfortunate that some hate groups had taken our flag away from us and maligned it so horribly.

You are to be commended for the pride you carry for your ancestors for they deserve to be honored and memorialized just as all Americans should be. I only wish other African-Americans would follow suit and be happy to celebrate with us our heritage and ancestors rather than to believe untruths and political correctness. And I wish the anglo-saxon Americans would also see to reason that southerners should not be stereotyped as racists merely because we wish to honor our ancestors and heritage.

I am writing to you because we of the Gettysburg OCR are having our first fund raiser honoring Maj. Gen. Fitzhugh Lee, a dinner and lecture on Nov. 12th. It would be great if you could join us for there is more to learn about Fitzhugh Lee other than his Confederate. I wanted you to know that I, too, have had my fill with the Governor of Virginia and am furious and will be sending him a letter once my event is over.

I wrote to the governor to request a proclamation for Fitzhugh Lee in honor of his 170th birthday, for he was also a former governor of VA (1885). He also spent the last years of his life campaigning nationwide to raise funds for the U.S. Congress to be able to fill the governments deficit!! Aside from all the other governmental and military positions later held by Fitzhugh Lee, Governor Warner’s office outright declined to do a proclamation for us. Now I ask you: the Governor of Virginia declining to pay homage to a former governor of VA?? That is unheard of. I have had about enough of this behavior, as you have, from the VA government. If Teddy Roosevelt had listened to Maj. Gen. Fitzhugh Lee after the sinking of the USS Maine in 1898, there would have been no Spanish-American War! Where is the head of this liberal governor of a once structurally prominent state of the nation?

Lastly, these were Fitzhugh Lee’s words some time after the Civil war had ended: "There is no longer any section in this land, no North, no South, no East and no West. We are all Americans with a common flag, a common country, a common destiny."

The Governor of Virginia needs a wake-up call!

Thanks for all of your devotion to the cause, H.K.

Again, if you can make it to our dinner, would love to see you there.

God Bless,(and that is another thing–YES! GOD BLESS AMERICA!)

Barbara Lee Rowe

From: H.K. Edgerton []
Sent: Monday, October 10, 2005 10:50 AM
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Subject: Civil Rights Monument

It is plainly clear that the relentless attack upon the South and our heritage continues with the message contained in the proposed civil rights monument in Richmond, Va.. It still baffles me why the Governors wife and politicians like her can associate racism and bigotry with just the bad old Confederate South. It is even more disheartening that someone who supposedly comes from Southern ancestry can be so traitorous about teaching the true reasons of how this divide between black and white folks came about during the so called period of Reconstruction when Southern white folks were ready to do right by the now freeded African and the modus operandi of the controlling North was to create just the opposite. To end this phenomenon called racism, prejudice and bigotry in not just the old Confederate South,but the North as well; it is essential that the true nature and causes of this conflict be told. Those of us who are loyal to our Southland understand full well why the government of Virginia continues to deny Confederate History Month; if the conqueror can continue to promote his lies and betrayal of history, then the divide and conqueror theory will continue to be successful.

Any civil rights depiction on the capitol grounds anywhere in the South should should be inclusive of the struggle we as Southerners have had in the defense of the good name, actions and symbols that are synonymous of all our ancestors then and now.

It should be the duty of all true Southern people to oppose any interpretation that the true nature of the South was or is one of hatred via racism, prejudice, and bigotry when we all know that all these things are the true nature of man. The only time that man ever reached a point toward the position of human love that Jesus preached about was here in the Old South; true history accurately records this premise.