City Council’s email address
In looking for people to "cc" before sending this email, I happened upon an email address which is for the Auburn city council, and which does not appear to be listed on the SHNV blog. You might want to pass it along to your readers. –
Bill V.

Mr. Dowdell,
Combine a pound of arrogance and a gallon of ignorance, stir in a firm commitment to the belief that the world revolves around you and that your sh** doesn’t stink, and the result is behavior of the type that you, “Councilman” (or is it “bishop”?) demonstrated when you goose-stepped into a cemetery to rip up flags planted at soldiers’ gravesites, ostensibly because you were “offended” by them.
Congratulations. The stench of your actions has reached all the way to Commack N.Y. You must be very proud of yourself as, by your actions, I think you have managed to outdo every other self-centered, race-baiting thug that has come down the pike in the last hundred years. Ripping up flags from gravesites because you’re offended? Didn’t your mommy and daddy ever teach you about self-control?
I am heartily suggesting to your colleagues, cc’d on this email, that you be tossed off the Auburn city council. Your actions demonstrate clearly that you have no regard for the citizens of Auburn. Believe it or not, some people actually feel differently about the flag in question. Some actually like it! And their rights, their opinions, their feelings, are as important as anyone else’s, including, and I know this is oh-so-hard for you to comprehend – YOURS! You do not have a right to dictate to anyone. Your title is “Councilman”, not “KING”.
Bill Vallante
Commack N.Y.
Sons of Confederate Veterans (Associate Member) Camps 3000, 1506, 1369