Updated: 7/27/2004 7:27 AM
By: Shawn Flynn, News 14 Carolina

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — A battle rages over the Confederate battle flag and its location on city property.

The issue came up a couple of months ago when Warren Turner, a Charlotte City Council member, inquired about the legality of the Confederate flag flying at Elmwood-Pinewood Cemetery, which is run by the city. Since then, Turner said, he has received hate mail and threats.

The flag flies over a section of the cemetery dedicated to Confederate soldiers. Some historians estimate it has been there for nearly a century.

“If they lower the flag, for me, that’s disgracing the men who died under that flag,” said cemetery preservationist Mark Palmer.

Turner said he never once mentioned taking the flag down.

“I’ve never stated that or held that position,” he said Monday. “For someone to say it’s offensive to me, no one’s ever interviewed me or asked me that. It’s not offensive to me.”

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