From: Craig Maus –
Date: Tue, Aug 31, 2010
Subject: Re: Citizenship, YOU, and the Fall of America!
To: Chris Case –

Dear Brethren (hundreds bcc herein),

Please note the date of this communiqué (below & herein)- 14 AUGUST 2009- 2009.  It was sent to me by the Confederate Society of America’s Florida representative- Chris Case.

PLEASE read it and learn more of that History that the Federal’s have Denied & Hidden from YOU.

Perhaps the day is finally arriving wherein MANY will come to their senses and realize why they, theirs and this country, is in the most dangerous dilemma it has ever been in?  It has been taken from YOU by the very Federal Government that YOU have blindly given YOUR allegiance to.

As I have stated for sometime, THEIR (Federals) subterfuge officially began after April, 1865 when the then only hope for the perpetuation of a Constitutional Republic was defeated- The Confederate States of America.  Since then, the Federal’s have have re-invented themselves and re-cast this country in THEIR image using THEIR ideology, the public treasury & social entitlement to create the foundation for the lofty mantle they now sit upon.

They ‘Reconstructed’ this entire country, beginning with the South, and continuously "Transforming" it ever since into the Socialist Democracy it has become today.

Anyone believing or hoping that the current two-party system (Republic rats) can or will ‘Return’ us to a Constitutional Republic is living a pipe dream.

As EVIDENCED below, it’s OVER, and has been OVER, sadly, for sometime.

But it is NOT too late.

The Constitutional Republic of the South and her former Confederate Government were NEVER surrendered by the then sitting government.  Therein lies our ONLY hope for a return to that which we once were and so desperately seek again.

Despite the Federal subterfuge of these last 145 years since they invaded and over-ran us, and despite the many intentional and convoluted Laws they have passed whose design was to shield and hide them from their illegal atrocities waged upon us, our former Colonial & Constitutional Laws STILL EXIST.

Thus, we CAN and MUST, RE-SEAT the Legal Government of the South through that remaining Legal doorway STILL available to us- its called RESTORATION & NOT ESTABLISHMENT.  Federal Might does NOT & WILL never make RIGHT that which was ILLEGAL of long ago.  EACH of YOU MUST know this and understand what CAN & MUST be undertaken if YOU really what YOUR country back!

And this is NOT a pipe dream as the Federal’s would have YOU believe.  Hell, most of them don’t have a clue as to what in the hell is going on much less understand their Constitution.  How can they when they don’t even write the legislation much less read it.

They would have YOU believe that what I speak of is unattainable & totally impossible.  I, like those MANY Confederates THROUGHOUT THIS COUNTRY, with whom I am PROUD to be associated with,  understand full well what I am talking about.  And just like those same Confederates of long ago who fought the Zealot Invader in PROTECTION of THEIR Sovereign Country’s & Legal Government, know this is entirely DOABLE!

You have been hustled folk’s, clear and simple.  Your plight is the net result of 145 years of Federal skullduggery that has morphed into the Beast who now resides in Washington.  It has been many years in the making and tonite, their chief overseer, Barack Hussein Obama, will try to snow YOU yet again with more ‘Good News’ regarding Iraq……the same guy who along with his co-conspirator, Joe Biden, once tried to suspend support for the troops and told Y’all that the War was NOT winnable.

It will continue this way until Y’all decide to STOP it and SEPARATE from them!

It’s just more of the same old from the same old group.  IT WILL NEVER GET ANY BETTER NOR WILL IT EVER CHANGE.

If YOU want YOUR country back, then YOU will have to realize that which we Confederates saw coming long before 1860 when our first State seceded- WE MUST SEPARATE & RESTORE that which was ILLEGALLY TAKE FROM US IF Y’ALL want the American Way to survive & continue.

Barack Hussein Obama just got Elena Kagan appointed to the Supreme Court.  She is nothing more than a Harvard Law Professor who has NEVER tried a single case.  She will now sit on the highest court in the land.


Here’s what she had to say not long ago BEFORE her appointment:

" We must use law to silence ‘hate speech’ ."  – A sad commentary on the First Amendment.

" We live in a society marred by racial & gender inequality (the lesbian tilt- shake hands with Barney Frank)); certain reforms of speech perpetuate & promote in-equality. The disappearance of such speech would be cause for GREAT elation." – By whom, her lesbian friends? She also supports indefinite detention without trial. Hmmmm, guess there is something to those FEMA camps after all…..and there GOES HABEAS CORPUS, AN AMERICAN RIGHT SINCE 1798 RIGHT DOWN THE TOILET!

" Our Law is the foundation of our DEMOCRACY." – She doesn’t even know that America is a CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC!

Kagan will NOT support the Constitution; she has an agenda that will be demonstrated in judicial activism as expressed in the concept of a "living Constitution" & open to the whims & interpretation of ANY Supreme Court Justice.  THANK YOU BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA!!!!!!

There are many parallels between Obama and her.

> Obama’s mother was a practicing atheist & both of her parents were practicing Communists. ( and remember the church in who Barack attended for more than 20 years- Jeremiah Wright’s- a practicing Black racist. I suggest you read his book’s- Dreams of My Father & Audacity of Hope and perhaps y’all will come to see the light )

> Like Obama, she has NEVER practiced Law but will NOW become YOUR ultimate judge.  Still think we Confederates are crazy?

Maybe she will emulate & follow the practices of her namesake, Lazar Kaganovich- Stalin’s deputy in charge of the Ukrainian Holocaust that murdered over 3 MILLION Christian Ukrainians; or her legal mentor, Thurgood Marshall, who she clerked for and probably the worst person ever appointed to the Supreme Court.

Y’all keep on believing that these Federal’s have YOUR best interests in mind…..and after YOU read below that which once was, perhaps you will understand what General Robert E. Lee meant when he refused the Union Command and said: " I will NOT raise my sword against my beloved country.’ – (meaning Virginia, his Sovereign)

Better make up your minds because there is NOT much time remaining folks.

‘When the South Lost, so Too did this Entire Nation, but Only WE Confederates Knew it at the Time’

ALL Roads Lead to 1865- the Beginning of the End!
Craig Maus,
president, The Confederate Society of America and Proud Member of The Confederate Alliance of Independent Organizations.
Staunch Supporters of the LEGAL Government of the South- The Confederate States of America- A Constitutional Republic!
PS- Will YOU join us Now and become a Society Member- the life you save may be your own ?
PPS- Suggest you visit for more information on the RESTORATION PROCESS of the Confederate Government.
God Help Us All!

From: "Chris Case"
To: "Craig Maus"
Sent: Friday, August 14, 2009
Subject: Citizenship

A "citizen" is one who gives their allegiance to a particular body  politic in return for protection.

The U.S. Supreme Court has been pretty consistent in stating that the United States is not obligated to protect a "citizen".  Not only that, but the United States has been conducting biological experiments on Americans
without our knowledge or consent.  Check out Title 50 USC, chapter 32, section 1520, or go to;

Also the so-called 14th. Amendment was never ratified, it was rejected  by 17 states for being
blatantly unconstitutional, but was forced upon America at the barrel  of a gun.  The Marxist
so-called 14th. Amendment nationalizes "citizenship" and creates the fiction called; U.S. citizen/
federal person.  See;

The United States of America is NOT a country, but a FEDERATION OF COUNTRIES of which Florida
is one. The definition of the word state, is COUNTRY, the state you  were born in IS YOUR COUNTRY.

The once voluntary association of these American Republics was known  as the united states of America,
or the states united of America.

The so-called "civil" war was NOT a "civil" war, but an INTERNATIONAL WAR, between different countries,
of which Lincoln had NO AUTHORITY to invade or occupy.

A "civil" war is one fought within the borders of a particular state/ country by it’s own nationals.

The states were forced to give up their sovereignty when they were  forced to adopt the so-called 14th. Amendment.  The whole political "system" that Americans suffer under today is  based entirely on this so-called "Amendment".

Lincoln stated; " I have destroyed the Republic to save the union"   these "united" states are not a voluntary association as they were before the so-called "civil" war, but a coercive  subjugation by the corporation called the UNITED STATES which is controlled by the FEDERAL RESERVE which is controlled by the INTERNATIONAL BANKSTERS who are of the tribe of the TALMUD, who used to be known as the PHARISEES.

These are NOT the ancient Israelites of the tribe of Judea, or the ancient religion of YAHWEH, but the cult of the pagan Babylonian book known as the TALMUD.


Our enemy has been identified and our duty is clear, educate yourself, empower yourself with the knowledge to defeat our foe!