Christmas wishes and a little more
Chuck and all here,
First off, May this Christmas be the very very best to all.
Secondly, my family was blessed from Thursday to Monday to have company from Dixie, (SC specifically). The Palmetto Patriot and his brother Trav, stayed with us and most graciously did a 3 part interview with me.(Why I am still not sure of, as I find myself as boring as an anvil. But, anyway, for anyone interested the first ever interview ever granted and taped from our home can be found at the below links.
*Palmetto Patriot Interviews Terry Warren 1/3*
pt 2
May all here keep Christ not only in Christmas, but in your hearts all year around…also kindness of the Palmetto Patriot a short video of the church we attend can be found at:
My youngest daughter Mayme and I will be performing there this Christmas Eve.
Merry Christmas to all, and may the new year bring new hope and life to the Southland we love so much.
T Warren and family