Christmas parade controversy

Reported by: Leslie Coursey
Published: 11/19

BRUNSWICK, Ga. — Every year on the streets of Brunswick, the Sons of Confederate Veterans march in the Christmas parade.

But Pastor Kenneth Adkins said it needs to stop.

"The city of Brunswick is 67 percent African-American," he said. "It just seems to be a little insensitive."

He’s asking the community to reconsider the tradition.

"It is offensive," he said.

Jim Shillinglaw, a member of Sons of Confederate Veterans, said it shouldn’t be.

"Well, it’s part of American culture," he said. "It’s part of my culture. It’s part of what makes me an American."

Shillinglaw said what’s offensive is people insinuating the organization is racist.

"It really hurts my feelings because we really do have many diversified backgrounds in the Sons of Confederate Veterans. We have black members," he said.

Adkins agrees the organization has a right to march. But he’s asking city leaders if it’s the best idea in a city that’s predominately black.

He said he thinks "people need to be aware that sometimes there certain themes might offend certain people."

The Christmas parade in Brunswick is scheduled for Dec. 7.

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