Childress civil case
In the summer of 2008, during the national reunion in Concord, North Carolina, Compatriot Bazz Childress hung a Battle Flag in his hotel room window.  The owner objected and had him arrested.  More than a year of legal wrangling has ensued.
Bazz, with all our help, fought the criminal case, and won.  Now comes the civil case.  You see, a large hotel chain, because it can hire a whole raft of lawyers, can sometimes get its own way, even if it loses in criminal court.  There is nothing to stop the same chain, even the same hotel from doing the exact same thing, again.  To stop that, they have to be punished.  The proper legal way to do that is to sue them.
The Childress suit will be filed not later than 10 December, this year.  We have a good lawyer and a good case.  David will go against Goliath, this time, with a pretty good arsenal behind him.
I think we’ll win.  I know, however, that it will be expensive.  Lawyers aren’t cheap, at least good ones.  And, we can expect the hotel to field a whole team of them.  National will help out, and we intend to make an appeal for voluntary donations all across the Confederation, but the bottom line is that we, here in Kentucky, need to raise a lot of money, and do it now.  I’m asking every member and every Camp to give immediately as much as you can to the Childress Defense Fund.  You can do so by mailing checks made out to the Childress Defense Fund, care of Division Adjutant Bill Wells, PO Box 407 Mayfield, KY 42066.  Thank you, and Deo Vindice!
Thomas Y. Hiter, Ph.D.
The Kentucky Division, SCV