Dear Sirs and Madame,

Southern children with a proclivity for their heritage awareness and promotion, have the guaranteed protection of the Bill of Rights to express their involvement. By denying them their "Unalienable" right, you in effect, execute an "unreasonable seizure" of their Liberty. I believe that amounts to not only assault, but battery too, on the Bill of Rights. A dangerous precedent, possibly promoting the furtherance of anarchy by others in leadership positions.

Contrary to popular political correctness, the wearing apparel does not promote slavery and evil worship. Concerning slavery, lest you’ve forgotten, the Confederate Constitution forbade the further importation of slaves. Probably in anticipation of coming freedom. President Jefferson Davis’ first use of the veto was to deny an attempt to thwart that law.

President Thomas Jefferson has no doubt rolled over in his grave over this.

Warmest regards,

James Overby