Chicago, Chicago
I have long maintained that Chicago is the antithesis and archetypical NEMESIS of the South, and have charted it somewhat in the Nationalist Times newspaper’s online discussion forum:
It’s also made a number of the seventy-five "9 from N" general news-and-views email grab bags I dispatched before my ISP started censoring me. For instance, this from #63:
<<<. What was I just saying (9fN #59) about Chicago as antipode and long-term nemesis of Dixie? Never mind the "South’s culture of violence" (pet gliberal pundit phrase) — here’s "Chicago’s propensity for violence"!
"Gang violence and looting could ruin Barack Obama’s party in Chicago if he wins the US election"

[link seems to have been censored — here’s another:]

I’m telling you, Chicago has EVIL spirits. This article laments the city’s gang problems, but Wikipedia hastens to add that "Chicago became notorious worldwide for its violent gangsters in the 1920s, most notably Al Capone, and for its political corruption in one of the longest tenures of political machinery in the United States."

        Not throwing up yet? Maybe you’d better quit while you’re ahead:

        Don’t forget, Southern blacks swarmed to Chicago to find jobs in the burgeoning industries of the 1920s, but were shocked to find rampant racism and discrimination untold up there.
        No doubt there are many fine people in Chicago, but its very name has always given me a shudder of morbid, sordid revulsion. ALWAYS. I see per Wiki its name (appropriately enough) means "striped skunk" in Miami-Illinois Indian lingo.
        This spam JUST in. JUST — I swear — and 100% Chicagoeitan:
<<<Another Nail in the Coffin for the Illinois Political Establishment
Cellini Indicted, Vrdolyak Pleads Guilty…Is Blagojevich Next?
Last week’s indictment of William Cellini, the so-called “King of Clout”, was another twist in the Rezko scandal. He is accused of working with Tony Rezko and others to extort an investment firm into making a $1.5 million contribution to Blagojevich’s campaign as a condition of getting state business.  Cellini is also accused of attempting to get U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald removed from his post.
Although Cellini’s indictment brought to light further corruption by Illinois government players, Chicago trial attorney Matt Belcher predicts the trial of former 10th Ward Ald. Edward Vrdolyak may be the blow that crumbles the house around Blagojevich.
 “As with Rezko, Bill Cellini and Ald. Vrdolyak are Republican insiders whose allegiances were more to greed than politics.  Today Vrdolyak pled guilty to a kickback scheme involving the sale of a medical school building.  A guilty plea is a sure sign that U.S. Atty. Patrick Fitzgerald’s initiatives to take down corrupt government officials are working, and Blagojevich may very well be the next on his list.”
To schedule a segment or interview with Matt Belcher regarding cases involving corrupt government in Illinois, please contact me.
About Matthew Belcher:
Matthew Belcher is a Chicago trial lawyer whose thriving practice has recovered millions of dollars for his clients. Attorney Belcher’s success in the courtroom allows him to work almost entirely on contingency fees to ensure his clients win their cases. Although most of his cases involve work accidents, car accidents, medical malpractice and wrongful death, Matthew Belcher is available to speak on a variety of legal topics. His confidence in the courtroom has transpired into Attorney Belcher being featured in the Chicago Sun-Times, ABC 7 Chicago and the Chicago Tribune. For more information, please visit >>>
Well, the latest addition to the dossier is extremely ‘umble and concise, but (IMHO) speaks volumes. The 6/83 issue of National Geographic included a long article entitled Good Times and Bad in Appalachia: Wrestlin’ for a Livin’ With King Coal. In the charmingly naive mode of yesterday’s national media, it virtually lauds the homespun life of underprivileged heartland America. And on page 816 below a classically Southern color photo of two kids chilling out under an old tree lies this rightly awe-stricken caption:
<<<Youngsters ripen like an October afternoon in rural West Virginia, slowly and in their own good time. Chatting and swinging, Art Sanda and Elizabeth Maschal make their own entrertainment at Meadow Bridge.
For the record, Detroit, Cleveland, Philadelphia, even New York and DC are notably closer to the  Kentucky border than Chicago. So is Toronto for that matter.
If I’m a crazy extremist, why would you suppose the lady named the Windy City? She’s probably never been near the place!
With empathy for SHNV readers in Chicagoland, but apologies to nobody….. and in smell-o-bration of ameriKa getting its first Chicago president in some time, if not ever, I am
The mouth of the South that came forth from the North,