Cheraw, South Carolina

The city of Cheraw, South Carolina has placed the following advertisement in the current AAA regional “GO” Magazine. As a longtime AAA member I have written the company regarding accepting such ill-conceived ads, as well as the city of Cheraw celebrating the unfortunate visit of an invading army led by a war criminal. The latter’s actions while devastating South Carolinians are best captured by Dr. Clyde Wilson’s words taken from a recent Chronicles Magazine issue:

“It might be worth a moment to pause and remember February 17, 1865. On that winter day, the U.S. Army, with malice aforethought, robbed, raped, and burned out the white and black people of the beautiful city of Columbia, South Carolina. Although the city was undefended, had already been surrendered, and was of no military significance. Besides many homes, businesses, beautiful gardens, warehouses, and churches, deliberately set fires consumed, after looting, an Ursuline convent school, a Christian art collection, printing presses, a scientific museum, documents and relics of the American Revolution, and the means of subsistence of thousands of women and children.”

Please feel free to contact the city of Cheraw, especially if you are a AAA member, at, as well as on Facebook to demand that ads in better taste and forethought be utilized in the future. Let Cheraw know that it would be far better to honor and celebrate South Carolinians who served, defended and honored their State, and help visitors learn of their patriotism and heroism – and as examples for Americans to emulate.

Bernhard Thuersam