Charleston Councilman`s Demands….
The Charleston S.C. councilman who wants the Confederate flag removed from the chapel at the Citadel is Henry Darby. His email address is: if you would like to politely give him your opinion on this matter.


Mr. Darby,
With regards to your request to the Citadel to remove the Confederate Battleflag from its chapel in spite of its extensive Confederate history; Rewriting is something fascist do, are you a fascist Mr. Darby? If not why are you making unreasonable demands like this one?
Not everyone agrees with your view of how the Civil Rights Movement happened or the communist affiliations of many in it. However, it is what it is, history. So, why all the hell raising & political grandstanding at this late of a date on your part over historical facts? Do you hope to curry more political favor with your supporters for a re-election bid or higher office at the expense of the Citadels rich history?
If so, you have put yourself in the same category as any segregationist who used race in order to gain votes in the 1950 – 60`s. The only difference is instead of race you distort history to achieve the same goal.
Billy E. Price
Ashville Alabama
From: Henry Darby
To: Billy Price
I am growing exceedingly tired of hearing the complaints. Are you concerned when a great number of Citadel graduates call me "Nigger" simply because I disagree. Even the tone of your email is one of hatred. I have asked even the NAACP not to get involved because I do not want the bad publicity for The Citadel. I voted for The Citadel to get funds in the past for the Johnson Hagood Stadium. If you so call know your history, why would a black man want to give funds for a person of such a racial ideology? I looked way beyond that. It is people like you who love to cause hate. Try flying a Confederate flag in the House of God where you worship. I was simply assisting constituents who wanted the matter addressed. I kept the matter at bay for over six months because I did not want it get out. I am so sorry you are so provincial in your thinking. Below, is what I stated to the news media and get your facts together before you approach me again. Alabama? No wonder… 
Gentlemen, the law is the law and one has to abide by current law. I stood up for my constituents in spite of the controversy, challenges, and criticisms. I did my best. If there are those who want to make changes within the law, they need to take it to the state level; but as I stand presently, it is time for County Council to move on. In addition, I thank those members of council who stood with me during this controversial time…
From: Billy Price
To: Henry Darby
And many in Charleston are sorry you are a councilman which, means they get no representation from you, how American. Furthermore, I have been called names all my life from some blacks but, being called names is not against the law. You are in the wrong profession to be so thin skinned. Regardless of what may have happened, real or perceived to blacks in the past getting even for it today on your part amounts to nothing but revenge which will only continue to breed more hate among the races. Now let me tell you what makes me sick, blacks like you who claim they want to progress & move forward but, are forever stuck in the mindset that its still 1963. Two wrongs will never make a right but, you keep on trying to make it so.