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From: HK Edgerton <hk.edgerton@gmail.com>
Date: Wed, Mar 4, 2009 at 9:03 AM
Subject: Re: Charges Dropped
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Dear T.K.,

I am glad that the charges were dropped against you, however there should have never been any charges in the first place. I am proud that you stood up to Professor Slap in the defense of your Confederate ancestor. It is not a popular thing to do, especially when that ancestor happens to be a Black Confederate soldier.
Ms. Kathy Woods , a very honorable White lady from Pulaski, Tennessee is finding that out as she faces the discrimination of the Veterans Administration in her attempts to garner headstones for Black Confederate soldiers from Giles County. As soon as I raise the resources, I plan on visiting East Tennessee State University and Professor Slap again myself. I had planned to be there during the month of February so that I could again remind the Northern professor that there was such a entity as a Black Confederate soldier. However, I know that he knows that, but just like Hollywood and so many revisionist historians, there is a great and cowardly fear in the telling of this truth. Should Black America and arguably White America learn the true ownership of Blacks to the Southern Cross ; the divide that has worked so well in keeping Blacks in turmoil with their Southern White family will come to an end , and there will be hell to pay. And they know that it won’t be so easy for Hilary to truck $900 million dollars to Gaza to pay for a destruction that Southern Americans , Black or White did not commit. When Southerners view the books of the stealing and destruction that took place around here in the South where there was never a Marshall Plan and should have been one, it just won’t be so easy to give away what justly belongs to the South.
Get rid of our Flag, deny the honor earn by those Africans, free or indentured who stood tall with their Southern White family and bills due will never have to be paid and honor never restored for either the Southern White man or the Southern African who stood by his side in the defense of our homeland, the Southland of America.

On Tue, Mar 3, 2009 at 2:09 PM, T Owens <tennkeezy@yahoo.com> wrote:


Hello Sr.!

Good news to report. E.T.S.U. dropped the charges against me.

I will not be in jeopardy if I stay away from the Campus for (1) one year.

Even though I am a graduate of East Tennessee State I will adhere to this condition.

Thank you for all you do,