Lee Chapel to temporarily remove Confederate flags

Yes that is right, Lee Chapel the final resting place of Robert E. Lee on the campus of Washington and Lee University may have to temporarily remove the four Confederate Battle flags surrounding the famous recumbent statue of Robert E. Lee because of the Museum of the Confederacy.

Over a decade ago, the MOC fought to seize four original battle flags which were displayed in the Lee Memorial claiming they were legitimately the property of the MOC by virtue of a Congressional resolution ordering all captured flags to be returned to their respective states. Well, evidently Lee’s grave wasn’t far enough South for the MOC and W&L acquiesced to the demands. However, the school retained four original flag staffs and the UDC made replica flags which were hung on them instead.

Now the MOC wants the flag staffs as well and has sent a demand to the school to turn them over in just a few weeks. The Lee Chapel staff has been working on restoring four original highly ornate flag stands which were donated to hold these four flags by Charles Pickney in honor of his father Capt. Thomas Pickney of the 4thSC Cavalry, Hampton’s Legion in November 1915. The original flags were in these stands until 1963 when they were mounted high on the walls of the statuary chamber to help prevent people from touching the original flags. However the staff simply has not had enough time to have authentic looking replicas of the flag staffs produced and thus the flags may end up out of sight for several months until they can be procured.

If you know of someone who is skilled in woodworking, has experience making flag staffs, who is willing to travel to Lexington to examine the existing staffs or just one staff and reproduce it as a donation to Lee Chapel please contact:

Brandon Dorsey

Any financial donations for Lee Chapel to help out with this project can be sent directly to:
Lee Chapel and Museum
11 University Place
Washington and Lee University
Lexington, VA 24450