Changing of the Guard:
Changing of the Guard:
On New Year Day, the Honorable Wendell ‘Billy’ Parker (1925-2014) was called home to eternal rest.  Mr. Parker’s lifelong accomplishments as a star athlete, educator and administrator are extremely noteworthy throughout his lifetime. Billy Parker was a ‘Man’s Man’ and a ‘Gentleman’s Gentleman’ and as such, he personified the very best character traits so commonly found in our leaders of years past including his "Greatest Generation."   As we grow older and less visible to the world that is rushing by; one’s memories sustain one in their golden retirement years with a warmth generated by reliving their past accomplishments, careers, awards, etc.  The sum total of a person’s life is found deep in such memories and creates a feeling of satisfaction and self-worth driving the desire to continue to enjoy life.  Life at best is very fragile and must be handled with care for fear that some dark or evil event may occur such as a divorce, the death of a loved one, financial or health issues or one’s most sacred reputation being attacked, smeared and destroyed.  Such a grievous event could trigger within an individual a state of depression, thus creating a feeling of helpfulness and unworthiness resulting in a loss of the will to live culminating in one’s untimely demise. 
Such may be the case with Billy Parker’s death!  It is well documented that Billy Parker was the very first principal of Nathan Bedford Forrest School High School (NBFHS) in 1959 and remained the principal for the next decade before he was promoted to DCPS Vice Superintendent and after retirement, the Honorable Billy Parker spent his next 20 years on the Duval County School Board (DCSB).  Quite a record of accomplishments!  It has been said that "no good deed goes unpunished" and truer words were never spoken.  In October 2013, the Conspiracy from Hell was unleashed by the jackals of the Politically Correct; the liberal left media, in concert with hordes of communist and socialist "community organizers" groups playing out their vicious racist lies agenda.  NBFHS, then became known as "The KKK High School" and the non-stop daily news and TV coverage constantly drumming the racist message of the KKK High School, the Grand Wizard and the alleged Ft. Pillow Massacre, and all the while demonizing the United Daughters of the Confederacy (UDC), the 1959 DCSB and anyone else associated with the naming of NBFHS. On December 16, 2013, the DCSB with DCPS Superintendent had finished their dirty work and Nathan Bedford Forrest High School in Jacksonville, Florida was forever "Gone With The Wind." 
God Speed, Billy Parker!  "Well Done Thy Good and Faithful Servant."      
Henry Russ
Friends of Forrest