Changes in Latitutes, cont.
As SHNVers are well aware, virtually all poll results on Southern/Confederate issues favor the Southern/Confederate position. But it so happens that polls comparing states or regions often come out in Dixie’s favor by default — polls on the friendliest states, polls on the states where the most charitable giving takes place, etc.
In January the National Enquirer reported that, whose business is "No-Hassle Birthday Email Clubs for Restaurants", studied 2,000 of last year’s "strange news" items and compiled a list of the top ten states in that regard. The results are accidentally but strongly favorable to Dixie. As I noted in the Nationalist Times print newspaper’s online discussion Forum
……… so happens that every single state in the list is an "extreme" Northern state — all but two on ameriKa’s northern border. The exceptions are
* Florida — which, though a great Southern state, has been massively transformed by invasions of yankees and assimilable aliens

*  Wyoming — a fine non-border state, but 1100 miles from Dixie and known for long, cold winters.
Trying a whimsical search for "confederate wyoming", which can yield interesting things on other non-Southern states, author Robert E. Bonner turned up — seems he wrote book called "Colors and Blood: Flag Passions of the Confederate South". Anybody read it?
The "weird news" category is extremely rich for our entertainment and socio-political purposes. Who else but yours truly would tally it for you?
I keep trying to coax people into the NT forum, but few seem to takes me up on it. A challenge: Find any other site on earth where so much *bedrock* socio-political reality is piled up week to week from a true paleo-conservative perspective. Some don’t like it because they shun the most important and controversial subjects. I wish them well trying to win a war with shotguns alone.
For anyone interested in exploring this unique, very pro-Southern paper and site, the Nationalist Times’s main news feed is now at The colorful and jam-packed homepage now links each monthly print issue’s stories instead of the daily links.