Chamber of Compost
RE: Myrtle Beach bows to threat of flag boycott 
Myrtle Beach Sun News

/\/.\/\/. COMMENTS: It seems to say that the Chamber of Communism in Myrtle Beach is "profiling" sports events — nixing them in advance "because of concerns raised by the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People." So, a bunch of thugs tell you they don’t like your face and you start slashing it for them?
These knuckleheads who are supposedly in the business in improving the economy and bringing loot to their community are in fact a bunch of rootless bureaucrats gaily caving in to political vandalism and extortion. It’s not actually politics or even a conflict, but theater (you can’t rape the willing). The NAACP and CoC are always in bed together so when the former says jump and the latter says how high, it’s pillow talk. The masses get the message of the immorality play before them and proceed to ape and regurgitate the sick "values" thus imprinted on them. Parents know that if they speak up against the gagging BS of it all, their kids may say something they shouldn’t in school and somebody get sent for psychological evaluation.
None of this would be happening if it weren’t for freaks from the BIzarro anti-world running the media bully pulpit, and Bizarro lawyers pushing against normalcy and sanity from the other direction. That’s how every last bit of political correctness gets enforced and ingrained — these things don’t just happen. Anybody half paying attention will know who I’m really referring to.
Will all red-blooded Southern patriots please make a permanent note that Chambers of Commerce are actually Charnel Houses of Communism? This is equal parts stupid and evil. The article bleats that the CoC opted to stiff the opportunity "for fear an NAACP boycott on South Carolina will hurt its chances at attracting the event"!??!? I thought President Russiavelt proclaimed that we are supposed to enjoy "freedom from fear" in this country? The truth is that they simply love the NAACP, hate the South, and the fear is a fig-leaf for the red-hot passion of institutional adultery.
A C T I O N   N E E D E D !  CALL the Myrtle Beach Area CoC at 843-626-7444 and ask why they simply caved without at least giving it a try. Tell them you’re disgusted and will never vacation in MB as long as it’s in the grip of PC — or whatever you feel like saying. Doesn’t matter where you live — they need to hear from people anywhere in the world.
I just did call and they took my number for somebody to call when they’re out of their (yeah, right) meeting. The perky birdy answering the phone chirped that she wasn’t sure they would choose to comment since they’re not pursuing this great opportunity for the townspeople. If you’re with a periodical or organization, say so. If you’re not an officer of it, tell them you’ll be reporting it to those who are. Please, I beg you, JUST DO IT. The munchkins’ contact page: