Chain reaction
RE: Compromise
Chuck, compromises over Southern flags & monuments that some among us thought “were good ideas" and thought were settled years ago are now flaring back up. Why, because we cannot compromise with some people or their groups who are hell bent on our complete & total destruction…..

/\/.\/\/. COMMENTS: This was a very sagacious email. Everybody who worked so hard to save the Mississippi flag, MS next if SC falls the rest of the way in response to renewed demands by minority supremacists. Next for a race to the finish by swarms of media piranhas — for the granddaddy of all hate campaigns — for endless whining that you’re the last state in official use of the C-flag. You withstood the last onslaught with legendary valor, but things have Changed since then — know what I mean, Changed?
Everybody that’s sitting pretty elsewhere — you are by no means safer than anybody else. After the flags go, the next onslaught will be against the monuments in every Southern town square — or something. And before you know it, every state, city, county, street, park or school named for any Southern hero (starting with George Washington) will be submitted to cultural revolution.  Fortunately for fans of the barber-pole emblem, the so-called American flag, ameriKa is now in a state of perpetual "war" against "terror" — thus, the System’s plans to demonize it are indefinitely on hold.
By the way, we have gained intel that the ACC is just making political hay for the NWO with their boycott: the real reason they’re going to NC is that the much bigger sports facilities they need have been built up there.