Celebrating the Yankee destruction
From: cwipaulk@earthlink.net
My reply to www.ontorichmond.com
"The Path to Freedom Burned Through Richmond"?
How can you celebrate the destruction of your beautiful city by the illegal invasion, robbing, raping, and looting by Lincoln’s army?  Freedom for whom?  Surely you can’t mean the Emancipation Proclamation which freed nobody.  The 13th Amendment ended slavery a full eight months after the war.  This war was NOT about slavery, but about money and control. My ancestors, and YOURS, fought to defend their homes and families from an unconstitutional and illegal invasion.  There was, and is, nothing wrong with secession.  Each state reserved that right when it joined the union. The original 13 states seceded from England to escape tyrannical rule, and the CSA did the exact same thing. The yankee educational system has brainwashed millions into believing the war was about slavery and "traitors" who left the union.  Well, the traitor part is right, but it was the North, not the South, who were the traitors against the Constitution.  The South was trying to preserve the Constitution, while the North was destroying it. The very problems our nation faces today are a direct result of Lincoln and his illegal war.  We have an ever growing central government with an ever growing debt. More and more people are realizing the truth.  It is so sad to see Southerners carrying the Lincoln banner and being turned against their culture and heritage. But this is the goal of the Empire, to erase all traces of Southern culture, history, and symbols, and continue to teach their rewritten history in the government indoctrination centers. You can turn your back on your ancestors and heritage, but I have devoted much time and money in defending them, and will continue to do so.
Jeff Paulk
Tulsa, OK