Reply to Col. Rash-Celebrate Southern Secession
TO: SHNV Patriots,
My Reply to Col. Rash is posted below. His reply to SCV compatriot Canipe illustrates the one common denominator that all who berate and disparage the Confederate States of America and Southern Secession have in common–"IGNORANCE".

Mr.  Canipe
With all due respect, why on earth would I want to celebrate this event? The secession of the Confederate States was prompted largely by their refusal to abolish slavery (the various declarations of independence issued by the seceding states are ample proof of this point) and South Carolina’s secession sparked the bloodiest war in American history.
No, sir: this isn’t a date that should be celebrated – it’s one that should be remembered with shameful regret.
Col. Manly Rash
Manly Rash

Col. Rash,
I read your comments to Mr. Canipe on Southern Heritage News And Views. It appears that your knowledge of relations between the North and South are limited and you do not understand the necessity for Southern secession. The South had been treated as an agricultural colony for years and was being bled dry.
In one sentence the cause of Southern secession was "A Coalition Of New England Economic Interests With The Fanatics, Zealots, Radicals, And Hypocrites of New England".
All wars are fought over Money, land, resources, and power. The New England industrialists wanted the South’s land and resources for penny’s on the dollar. They got what they wanted during so called reconstruction which was actually the "Plunder, Pillage, and Rape of the Southern States".
These fanatics demanded instant abolition and planned to instigate massive slave rebellions if their demands were not met (like the one in Santa Domingo/Haiti in 1791-1803). They attempted this with John Brown’s fanatical raid on Harpers Ferry Virginia. The book by Hinton Helper "The Impending Crisis" made this clear. 64 of 117 Republicans signed a resolution (some sources say 68) advocating this terrorism against the slave holding states as specified by the "Helper Book"..
These fanatics did not offer a gradual emancipation plan or a plan to pay slaveholders for their property. They simply demanded instant abolition of slavery or mass murder of Southern men, women and children.
I believe Southern Secession was honorable, constitutional, and legal. The Federal government has no constitutional authority to coerce any state for any reason. It should be celebrated as an attempt to form a new nation just as America seceded from England 1776-1783 and formed a new nation.
I suggest you increase your knowledge by reading the 752 page book "The South Under Siege 1830-2000" by Frank Conner and available through AMAZON.
Also as a separate e-mail I am sending you my article "The 10 Causes Of The War Between The States".
James W. King
Sons of Confederate Veterans  Camp 141
Lt. Col. Thomas M. Nelson
Albany Georgia