CBF and Hays HS
From: lsgramp@yahoo.com
To: khilsenbeck71@gmail.com
Dear Ms Hellsenbeck,
I’ve just read of the incident at the high school and feel obliged to offer my comment:
I fly the CBF to show my pride in being southern and to illustrate my knowledge of its true meaning. It has never meant racism or hatred, only a love for and devotion to the cause of liberty and remembrance of those who fought for that cause. It is extremely sad that some groups have misused it for their own foul purposes.
In August, 1971, I became the god-father of a beautiful black baby girl. Her father knew my beliefs but still chose me over everyone he knew. In November, 2009, I became the grandfather of a handsome young boy whom my daughter and son-in-law adopted from Ethiopia. I bought him his first rifle, fishing rod and books. He has not my color nor blood line, but still he is my grandson! He will be taught the truth of our banner and won’t be told the lies coming from the media, poverty pimps and the public "education" system (actually indoctrination system).
The boys who vandalized the school should be seriously punished. However, punishing the entire student body is truly as deplorable and immoral as the acts of those boys and would probably lead to more tension and hatred. Ask those boys where they got their attitudes and they will probably tell you they got them from home and the poverty pimps such as Jackson, Sharpton and NAACP, not at school or from their peers. The rebel mascot and "Dixie" are not the cause, I assure you. These boys committed a crime and further injustice will not deliver a solution. Only the truth can do that!
Many people seem to believe that the CBF is linked to the KKK. I have an offer: Gather every picture you can find that features the Klan. I will pay $20 for each CBF seen in those pictures. You will pay me $1 for every Stars and Stripes (a true symbol of hatred) seen. I can guarantee that you will be owing me!
In your service,
David Cheney