Easter Blessins’ and catchin’ up
From: tandpam@shawneelink.net
Brother Chuck, and the SHNV family,
First off, let me begin by wishin’ all here a most Blessed Holy Week and prayers for a wonderful Easter in your homes wherever they might be.
Our Easter plans include a visit from Pam’s momma after her successful surgery, a small gathering of family and friends for fellowship and some acoustic music at my momma’s, and attending "The Third Day Services" Community Easter Celebration, at the Lawrenceville High School Auditorium Easter mornin’ where Mayme will be performing in a small orchestra made up from members of various local churches. Pam and I are very much lookin’ forward to this event.
May the Creator’s Blessins’ fall upon the shoulders of all believers like a warm summer shower on this most Holy of all weekends.
Secondly, I would like to thank all here who included me in their private prayers and prayer lists over the course of the past 6 weeks.  It has been a long hard row to hoe. I was startin’ to feel like my second home was the Good Samaritan Hospital in Vincennes IN. Though far from healed up, I am back to work be it a very limited number of hours a day per the Drs. orders.
Havin’ said that, it is with deepest regrets that me and mine will not be leavin’ illannoy on the 17th of this month as planned for performances that were scheduled in Hope Mills, and Fayetteville NC, Macon GA, nor attending the meet and greet planned by my beloved  SCV camp 2022 Brothers and Sisters in Waynesville GA.  The deepest of all cuts is the fact that I had to cancel my participation in the Largest Confederate Flag Celebration in Tampa on the 25th.  I was so lookin’ forward to bein’ a small part of this historic occasion.
I have already made my apologies to Mr. Robert Lloyd and the other organizers of the event, and happily they were very understandin’.  I sure was lookin’ forward to sharin’ the stage with so many great speakers and Southron musicians. Just my dumb luck I guess, for I have been healthier this past year than I have in the previous 15 or so; but as they say "stuff happens."
On a brighter note after nearly 2 1/2 years of writin’ and recording my latest cd "Fight on My Hands" is release ready, and I am so proud of how great it turned out.  The best songs I have ever written, and it showcases the talents of some really fine musicians.  All the songs were either written or at least begun in the South while I was touring 07-08.  It is a project totally about and for our lovin’ Southland, and I hesitate not one second to say that it is the finest thing I have ever done in my 41 years of playin music.
I have bent y’alls ears long enough………from me and mine to you and yours have a most Blessed Easter weekend
T Warren and family