Mr. Parker, your cartoon of people in pick up trucks with Confederate flag decals on them to honor their Confederate heritage is completely innocent & harmless. Its only one’s pride in whom they are & where they came from.

That is until media people like you add more to it than is actually there & makes what was a non-issue into an issue. One with which you play political football with in order to make your own ends justify your means.

You might find it comical & without politically correct repercussions, an easy target however, I don’t think the lawyers at the Southern Legal Resource Center will see it this way as this is a racist, prejudiced, bigoted attack on a whole segment of American society.

One that I hope you will soon see is not as helpless as you think they are.

Your cartoon about us as a people is the VERY same thing as you drawing a cartoon of fried chicken, bar-b-qued ribs & watermelon to honor MLK Day.

African/Americans would not stand for that and we will not tolerate you doing the same exact thing to our history, heritage, culture or any symbols of it.

I hope your employer has enough common sense to fire you before your actions create legal troubles for him & the whole company. Have yourself a Dixie day….ya hear!!!!

Billy E. Price
Ashville Alabama