Carter is Wrong: Open Letter to Catherine Meeks, PhD

Commentary by Steve Scroggins

The text below is an open letter to Macon Telegraph columnist Catherine Meeks, PhD., regarding her column (9/30/09) entitled, President Carter is Right.

Dr. Meeks,

It seems that we’ll never likely agree on the subject of racism. Racism, as your body of writing in the Telegraph documents, is so central, so dominant in your worldview. But perhaps we could learn something of value from one another. Perhaps not.

I am white. I am male. These are strange sentences for me to write because I don’t often think of it. It just is. But then there are writers like you who keep reminding me, telling me that I’m evil, a bigot and a racist.

Based on your writings, again, I expect those facts (that I’m white and male) alone to shut your mind to any opinion I have which contradicts yours. Due solely to the melanin deficiency in my skin, you apparently cannot conceive that I might understand the hurt and anger that real racism inspires in you. Empathy comes in many forms; I am a human being. Therefore, I can "get it"…I can understand on some level without being black or without being a woman.

You suggest that anyone who doesn’t agree with you simply cannot face the truth. I don’t fear any truth!! It was Thomas Jefferson who once wrote, "There is not a truth existing which I fear…or would wish unknown to the whole world." I feel the same way. The Gospel of John (8:31-32) quotes Jesus as saying, "

[Y]ou will know the truth and the truth will set you free." Truer words were never spoken.

Let’s explore some truth, shall we?

Apparently, you cannot conceive that I might oppose Obama’s policies without any regard to his race (half white). I openly opposed the excessive spending of the GOP Congress and then President Bush. It had nothing to do with their race or gender or even their zodiac signs. It still doesn’t.

Apparently, the fact that millions of white people voted for Obama, in many cases because he was (half) black, has escaped your notice. I say "because" because there is no other explanation other than the fact that Obama represented himself as a "moderate" – a lie that any rational person would reject or at least doubt based on his meager voting record in the U.S. Senate. He promised a tax cut for 95% of Americans while proposing massive spending increases — how is that plausible for any thinking American of any color? Were those millions of white people afraid of change? No! I say they embraced it—despite the obvious risks based on Obama’s skimpy record and implausible promises.

How do you explain the fact that 95% of black people voted for Obama? Doesn’t that constitute prima facie evidence of widespread bigotry among blacks? To argue otherwise is to argue that 95% of blacks are liberals who favor excessive spending, government-funded abortion, government takeovers of health care, ACORN corruption, shady associations with terrorists, communists (Ayer, Jones, etc.). You would reject the premise that 95% of blacks are liberals and communists, wouldn’t you? You wouldn’t suggest that 95% of blacks are easily duped, would you? If 95% of blacks don’t support/endorse abortion and Obama’s liberal agenda, then 95% wouldn’t have voted for Obama, right?…unless some other factor entered their voting decision. Could it have been bigotry?

It’s the left that is trying to redefine the meaning of dissent and racism. During the Bush years, the left claimed that "dissent is patriotism" when they disagreed with Bush war policies or spending priorities. Now, they squeal that "dissent is racism"…that any policy disagreement is racism. That is an obvious lie that any thinking person would reject — yet you are embracing it, nay, shouting it.

Citizenship…our Constitution requires it for eligibility. That part of the Constitution was written before anyone could imagine a half black president. How, then, do you arrive at the conclusion that questioning his citizenship is as act of racism? The so-called "birthers," as the left derisively calls them, are NOT trying to prove that Obama’s not an eligible citizen as you assert. On the contrary, they are asking Obama to prove he is a citizen—which is NOT an unreasonable request. It’s simple really. WHY won’t he produce the document to end the controversy? WHY doesn’t he authorize someone to release the full long-form document to put that question to bed? Does he enjoy leaving this doubt? Is it a red herring issue?

I don’t know, but it’s a valid question that has nothing to do with race. McCain produced his documents. Are we supposed to lower the standard because of Obama’s skin color?

Carter is not correct; Carter is a buffoon who sacrifices what little credibility he had left for a few minutes in the limelight. Perhaps he feels guilt over the racial tricks he played in Georgia to win election to Governor. Walter E. Williams is much closer to the truth than Carter will ever be. See his column published today.

What is amazing is that people such as you, Jimmy Carter and Leonard Pitts and others can express openly the opinion that you know the inner thoughts and feelings of others. I know nothing about you other than the thoughts you express in writing. For me to pretend to know all your motivations would be presumptuous, wouldn’t you agree?

You wrote, "Racism is a system that is based on superiority and inferiority." Are you not arguing for your own "supremacy" over the benighted souls who don’t see truth as you do?

I don’t suggest that writing about race and racism make you a racist. The racist label is so overused that it has lost its punch and meaning in public discourse. Instead, I’m suggesting that you are a bigot. You presume to know what millions of other people think and why— their "systematized behavior" as you call it—is based on the color of their skin. Your thinking, as expressed in your writing, is not only wrong, hypocritical and unfair…it’s a farce.

You apparently cannot comprehend that I, and millions of others, are rightfully annoyed and offended that you presume to know us and our motivations. Same goes for Carter, Pitts, et al. This guilt tripping whine of yours does nothing to me except make me laugh…and then wonder how such beliefs came to exist. I’m confident that most thinking people will reject your ideas as quickly as they dismissed Carter’s. You make a joke of the cause you profess to hold dear. Your words mirror those of race hustlers and demagogues.

Should we be worried that you and the racism brown shirts are giddy planning to round up and remove the racists? Get those misnamed "Hate Crime" laws passed and you can start jailing the people with whom you disagree—-just for writing or speaking what you consider heresy. Let’s get the Obama Youth organized!

Sound crazy? No more than your rantings.

After you remove the racists, who’s next? Those who oppose abortion? Those who oppose illegal immigration? Those who oppose high taxes and spending and government bailouts? Those who defend their second amendment rights? Those who defend their country in the U.S. military?

Oh…I forgot, the Department of Homeland Security and the frauds at the Southern Poverty Law Center already define those groups as racists and potential terrorists. Who are the real proponents of "hate" and bigotry here?

With pity and contempt,

Steve Scroggins
Macon, GA.