By Betty B. Chandler
January 11, 2007

H. K. Edgerton is on a mission. He has crisscrossed several states to bring a powerful message to people of southern ancestors and others who would distort history. He was in Unicoi County this week to speak his message about historical fact and misguided fiction concerning racism, bigotry and those who would make a mockery of the Constitution.

Edgerton is on a “Historical March Across Dixie.” He is being funded in his effort in part by the Sons of the Confederacy, a heritage-oriented group across the U.S. which claims ties to the South.

In his travels across the United States, Edgerton speaks of about forgotten Black Confederate Soldiers. The journey has taken many months and just as many miles. In a “journal” of sorts kept by Edgerton, he reflects on his attendance of a press conference along side of Nelson Windbush in Orlando, FL. Windbush’s own grandfather was a Black Confederate Soldier. A main thrust of Edgerton’s mission is education; he is attempting to garner funds for scholarships and funding for students.

In late August of last year, H. K. Edgerton traveled to Johnson City, where he met with Dr. Collin Baxter of East Tennessee State University to discuss racial misinterpretations.

Edgerton, with his ever-present confederate Flag, is planning to continue his march, constantly teaching values and attempting to reunite our nation from a period in our history of so long ago.

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