Care to rephrase that
To: Foundation for American Communications
85 South Grand Avenue,
Pasadena, CA 91105
Re: Political Civility in America
Via "Web Sage" <> I’ve received your email blurb on the book "Political Civility in America: Exploring the connection between the First Amendment and political civility." A sincere interest in promoting civility would be commendable, but it appears to me what you’re really after is getting real or imagined conservatives to shut up and go away.
Here’s your invitation, with my comments:
<<<Political civility in America seems to have taken a dive southward, with a recent spate of rude outbursts, accusations and the ever-blaring talk shows.>>>
*******Excuse me, but you’ve just indulged one of the rudest, most extremely bigoted fads of them all — equating "south" with downfall or ruin. Admit it — "taken a dive southward" actually means "gone to hell", right? South being a downward direction on maps, and hell being downward from earth and heaven in medieval mytho-theology?
Well, we here in the South don’t appreciate it. Sure, you aren’t thinking of Dixie when you say that. Sure. But you’re forgetting that according to your own yankee moral code, one is never, EVER to say anything that disparages a race, ethicity, "gender" or whatever, no matter how tenuous or unintentional the slight might be. Remember "niggardly"?
If you liberals get to ruin one word of the English language after another we in Dixie shouldn’t have to hear this "went southward" stuff anymore — fair enough?
<<< Calmer-minded pundits lament the loss of civility and basic decency in American political discourse. >>>
*******On the contrary, maybe the "Stepford" condition of most politics today is the real problem. Political dustups between "establishment" politicians are as substantive as pro wrestling, i.e. entirely staged. One can’t get a letter to the editor published or an appearance on TC news if one doesn’t use talking-head tone, keeping everything nice and "muddle-of-the-road". Today’s politicians are open liars, shysters, mass murderers. When, pray tell, does it become proper to raise yor voice on the subject?
You no doubt are probably just trying to throw cold water on the huge grassroots protest movement now building. They are indeed something else, but if you really cared for "democracy" or "pluralism" you would welcome them.
<<<One way to understand the current situation is to explore the history of political incivility in America – from the poisoned atmosphere preceding the Civil War to the McCarthy era and Watergate. In light of this checkered past, it would be difficult to argue, “it’s the worst it’s ever been.” How, then, does one gauge standards of civility in the present time?>>>
******* Let me suggest that it start with a fresh, open, well-televised re-examination of the Northern abolitionist hate rhetoric — the berserk genocidal mania in yankee word and policy — that forced the South to secede. It appears we agree about the McCarthy era, at least — the Senator and his associates were certainly more civil than today’s liberal Democrat demagogues, who freely slander large portions of the citizenry and attempt to wipe out whole nations abroad over nothing. George W. Bush was a liberal Democrat in everything but name, so he qualifies. Let’s not forget, either, that McCarthy was right as has definitively come out in the wash in more recent years.
<<<Often overlooked in the discussion is the role of the First Amendment and religious liberty in America’s civil discourse. The First Amendment not only guarantees freedom of speech – either civil or uncivil – but it also ensures that the government will not interfere with religious practice or impose religious doctrine on its populace. The Religious Liberty Clauses thereby foster pluralism as a civic ideal.>>>
******* Not as defined by liberals, I regret to inform you, i.e. ameriKa as the world’s ethnic dumping ground — in which Christianity is ruthlessly phased out by "activist" judges and globalist fat cat politicians.
<<<According to Professor Philip Goff of Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis, pluralism is a philosophical commitment to diversity, a belief that there is some intrinsic good in difference. Implicit in this philosophy is respect for difference, which translates to civility. Pluralism with respect to religion filters down to many different layers and forms the bedrock of civil society. See more on political civility and the First Amendment here. >>>
******* No use, anonymous blurb spammer.  (Didn’t you read my thumbnail sketch in Knowledge=Freedom before entering my address?) The fraudulence of your position is clear for all to see: you never, EVER sing the virtues of sameness, monoversity, homogeneity, and instead run around accusing ameriKa of being too white, too Christian, too native-born. In my experience!
You as liberal change agents had no business using my email address, and noteworthily you supply none of your own. You write under cover of <> so nobody can find you. Who are you, really? Searching your organization online, it’s clearly a lie
…….with a non-working phone number. "Aermican communications" — when will you moles quit using America for a fig leaf? Maybe Foundation for American Communications is nothing but an ad-hoc early Halloween costume for "People for the American Way"?
Guess I’ll have to send this to your postal address even though that’s probably fake too. Its thousands of recipients via email will, I assure you, enjoy it.