They Cannot Change Our Minds!

It’s obvious that the attacks on Confederate symbols and heritage will never cease. It has worn so thin the constant whining and bellyaching about our Confederate flags and the false history that they like to throw in our faces — false history taught by public schools, the media, television, Hollywood, and politicians. Well, I say that regardless of who succeeds in banning a Confederate flag or monument here or a Confederate T-shirt there, they cannot change our minds!

No matter how many d— Yankees from the North, South, East, or West, and no matter how many scalawags among us hate our flags, our history, and frankly, our guts, they cannot change our minds!

No matter who parrots the lie that the Confederate flag is a flag of slavery, and no matter who claims that we’re bigoted white supremacists, we know the truth that our flags never stood for slavery; we as true Confederates know that we’re about Christian morals, constitutional government, resistance to tyranny, and Southern heritage, not hate. We know that many non-whites fought for the Confederacy. And they cannot change our minds!

No matter what business at which you work forces you to remove the Confederate tag or bumpersticker from your vehicle, and no matter what school forces your kid to stop wearing a Confederate T-shirt, they cannot change our minds!

No matter what spineless politically correct government official kowtows to the supposedly offended and votes to ban our flag or remove our monument from a courthouse or other public property, they cannot change our minds!

No matter what idiot writes a letter to the editor singing the praises of Lincoln or other Yankee terrorists and complaining about anything and anyone Confederate, and no matter what article maligns us, they cannot change our minds!

No matter what the NAACP, the SPLC, and any other slobbering politically correct hate group dictates and lies about, they cannot change our minds!

Keep your Confederate flags waving! Let’s advertise with pride the fact that we are CONFEDERATE Americans! Let everyone know who and what we are, that we ARE NOT going away, and that they CANNOT change our minds!

God bless all of you true Confederates, and Deo Vindice!

Rodney Combs
Noble, Oklahoma

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