Candice Hardwick
Yesterday morning July 8, 2009, I would hold a  telephone conversation with young Candice Hardwick of Latta, South Carolina, one of the foremost Southern heroines who put everything on the line in her Stand for Southern Heritage and the memory of her ancestors who had done the same in defense of their homeland; "the Southland of America."
Candi would tell me of an email posting on her Face Book page. She had been accused of being a racist by some entity that identified themselves as the Greenville, South Carolina NAACP, and supposedly had some very bad things to say about me also.
First of all, as a past President of the NAACP, I know that only the Chapter President, unless otherwise appointed by the Executive Body can speak for the organization, and I don’t believe that they would be so inclined to persecute young Candice in this manner and have to face the wrath of the Southern Legal Resource Center who is already in litigation on Candice’s behalf. However, after having said this; let me tell those who made this declaration who young Candice is in my estimation: She is definitive of just what a real Southern woman is and a true Southern Belle to boot: "kind, courageous, sympathetic, real tough, and not to be taking lightly in her syllogism of her heritage. She is also one of God’s blessed souls that I would stand proudly with any time, and any place and has a host of other Black Southerners who would do the same.
HK Edgerton