Patriots find NAACP, media, pols can’t hoist fury
RE: Planners Hope Flag Doesn’t Hoist Fury
Tampa Tribune, FL
/\/.\/\/. COMMENTS:  The klan with a tan, the reportasters, and the pols huffed and puffed but they couldn’t blow the flag down. That is no surprise — the sheer joy is seeing them try, fail and stand around licking their self-inflicted wounds.  PEOPLE POWER is the irresistible force in socio-politics, if only people will use it!
The establishment equates the C-flag with the Nazi swastika — but there’s nothing they can do, except to accept the true, healthy DIVERSITY of worldview and heritage this magnificent emblem represents. We had plenty enough diversity before liberals came along and started trying to banish us from the human race — it’s a shame they can’t seem to get it through their heads we’re here to stay.
The establishment’s behaviour would be equivalent to the fast food industry claiming that real nutrition is bad for you, and writhing in pain and horror at the sight of it!  That’s about what the dialectics of the NAACP, and the media-government complex amount to — in fact the spectacle reminds me of the Yazidi tribe’s doctrinal hatred of lettuce.
The most-educated folks are sometimes the stupidest. The most-admired are in trith the most idiotic and clownish. The most enfranchised and approved are in fact those mentally located somewhere between Pluto and deep space.